Eye shadow lipstick manufacturer OEM generation of processing and how?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-12-17

    Eye shadow is an indispensable part of skin care, a lot of friends all curious about how eye shadow is more expensive than hydrating eye mask, what is it made of? With many questions, the eye is to explain why eye shadow is more expensive, and how it is done.

    Eye shadow need more raw materials, such as a is also moisturizing hydrating effect compared to the eye and eye shadow hydrating hyaluronic acid moisturizing hydrating eye mask may be added to the composition, and the eye shadow and betaine, niacinamide these ingredients, natural hydrating effect is stronger, and the more the added ingredients, the price will be more expensive, some people will ask, why don't hydrating eye mask and how some of these compounds, which is related to many factors.

    Eye shadow OEM generation of processing is how to produce, research and development center of first lipstick technical engineers will be according to the requirements of brands of efficacy, adjust the secret recipe of taste, touch, etc, do customers want actual effect, engineers often give brands proofing, to be satisfied with the result let manufacturer to manufacture products according to the secret, outer-package of manufacturers will be according to the design plan to buy, brands and manufacturers design connection, according to the provisions of the design and manufacture.

    Eye shadow OEM production and processing actually very simple, as long as you speak to the requirements of the product, the manufacturer will according to your requirements for deployment of secret recipe, but the key is to will require clear to meet the requirements of goods, products can be satisfactory, product packaging design also have relevant regulation, our country on the side of the eye are more strict control, some words cannot be printed on the product packaging, if appear to violate the rules on the package keyword will pass the products for the record, the other is no problem.


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