Eye shadow canmake five-color tutorial canmake colored drawing

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-01-20
Eye shadow canmake five-color has always been its home star series, for those of us who buy more, but many people ridicule painted effect is not good, but it has a lot to do with personal act. So, just how good canmake five-color eye shadow? Eye shadow canmake five-color characteristics canmake five-color tutorial # 12 tutorial this color collocation, color is fundamental key with pinkish purple, the color of the line color wine red, here to choose collocation of line color choose slant red red brown eyeliner, paired comparison bright eye. Specific steps 1 / use pink eye shadow, powder with sequins color overlay, USES wine red with blue flashing purple eye shadow deepen eye head and eye end, pink eye shadow and light purple eye shadow dizzy catch eye color, respectively. 2 / then use wine red eye color eye shadow deepen under eye end, under the pearl color brighten eyes lie silkworm position, using an eye shadow colour painting under lie silkworm line, with the red brown eyeliner eyeliner, finally put a false eyelash. # 13 tutorial 13 eye shadow color lighter, in addition to the grass green is basically orange brown tint. The collocation of line is like royal tapestry of color, a bit like SUQQU sakura birch eye color. Specific steps 1, drawing on a exactly the same as above, there will be not much said, said the color with color shading edge, this method is suitable for used to avoid the color is too color cause eye makeup too colorful eye-catching color. 2, doing it can be a few times, if you want to use color is a family of color area is larger to flash or nude color is stacked above a layer of white flash to neutralize it. Canmake eye shadow drawing diagram to note: won't it can refer to the above steps, guarantee the effect of draw meimei.
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