Enzyme peng, founder of the navel orange visit granny cosmetics factory plant skin care products research and development processing factory

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
76 - year - old she just was named the 2017 top ten outstanding farmers, their natural farming method and grinds only environmentally navel orange with enzymes produced without pesticides, the welcome by all of us, last year more than 100000 jins oranges sold out 20 days, peng woman said: I kind of organic food to eat, I enjoy the organic food, I also hope that more people can enjoy the organic food. I want you to popularize plant enzymes, a virtuous cycle, need not pesticide chemical fertilizer, environmental protection enzymes to save the earth! Enzyme peng, founder of the navel orange today visit granny cosmetics factory plant skin care products research and development processing factory!

so good, she came to the cosmetics factory, the factory is to use natural plant extract nutrients to develop features to protect skin to taste, advocate natural environmental protection, healthy green to protect skin to taste, the skin health benefit of women.

peng also sent her granny enzyme pride of navel orange, very sweet, cosmetics factory everyone thank peng woman, but also for peng, a 70 - year - old granny was tireless embolden make its own contribution to society, and on the environmental protection, cosmetics factory and peng woman agreed, peng woman want to do environmental protection food, want to do health hormone-free skincare cosmetics factory, make progress together, grow together!

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natural herbal skin care products, broad market, even the old lady peng of researchers are involved in this life, and if you also want to win the broad market, then hurry contact cosmetics factory contract! ! ! !
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