environmentally friendly cosmetic companies: where to find organic makeup

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-14
More and more environmental protection cosmetics companies have abandoned the practice of preparing products with synthetic ingredients, and no longer package products in non-
Biodegradable, non
Recyclable materials.
Thanks to these efforts, consumers can use a wide variety of green cosmetics.
These three companies are one of the companies that develop cosmetics with the aim of reducing energy consumption and human use
Filler: Avida is a family in Minnesota.
A company that provides cosmetics, skin care products and hair products.
Since 1978, Aveda has adopted green methods such as:-using ingredients derived from plants and other natural sources, such as water and non-
Petroleum minerals.
-Use biodegradable ingredients that come from ecosystems and from non-ecosystems
Endangered plants.
-Packaging cosmetics and other products with recyclable plastic bottles, glass bottles and cardboard boxes.
-Use wind power as an alternative and renewable energy source when manufacturing products.
Aveda is a green one.
Certified cosmetics companies participating in Earth Month fundraising and recycling activities.
LaVera Vera skincare products and organic cosmetics are available throughout Europe and the United States.
A German company founded in 1987, Lavera developed products that do not contain synthetic additives.
-The ingredients used in LaVera\'s cosmetics and skin care formulations come from organic agricultural methods, which help to reduce the levels of toxins and pesticides in the environment.
-Lavera products do not contain dead animal tissues, synthetic or petrochemical compounds or genetically modified organisms.
-Cosmetic and skin products are packed in recyclable materials, free of lead and parab gold.
All Lavera products are certified natural cosmetics in Germany with BDIH certification.
LaVera has won several awards in the field of green beauty. Dr. HauschkaDr.
Hauschka Care is a European company that started production
Hair, skin and cosmetic treatments in 1967.
Consumers who buy Dr
Hauschka products help the environment by:-plant ingredients used in Dr
Hauschka cosmetic formulation was grown in biodynamics
Certified garden.
These gardens are part of an independent, sustainable ecosystem. –Dr.
Cosmetics & Other products
No synthetic preservatives.
-The product packaging is made of recyclable glass and plastic, and the product cap is made of biodegradable materials.
Like Dr. LaVera.
Hauschka Skin Care Company is BDIH-certified.
The cosmetics company has received awards that reflect Ethics and Ecology.
Conscious practiceDr.
Hauschka also supports green non-
RSF Social Finance, Heifer International and other profit institutions.
Environmental cosmetics companies are a positive force in the beauty industry.
By encouraging consumers to buy organic cosmetics and skincare products, these companies have contributed to raising awareness of the benefits of green living. References1)
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