dry skin? keep these makeup products handy

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-14
Everyone sings their recognition gestures when the air gets cooler-boots, scarves, thick weaving and coats are very popular, but how can we not ignore the skin problems that fall/winter brings (
Especially our lady with dry skin).
If you have a similar problem and have experienced the adverse effects of dry skin during the cold months, you should make adjustments in some new projects.
Here are some absolutely essential beauty essentials for this season: facial mist: Image credit
It makes your skin more lively and subtle.
Our choice is to spray water at Avene springs.
This facial mist contains pure water and minerals gathered from the mountains.
This makes it the perfect splash type.
Most importantly, it is helpful and can be sprinkled on your face to make your skin feel soft and delicate.
Moisturizing lotion: Picture credit: dove we are sure you will not question this.
Winter means dry skin, which is where lotion or moisturizer or lotion occupies a prominent position.
Your skin may feel flaky, irritating or dry in a harsh winter climate, so that your lotion must be there --up kitty.
We recommend deep moisturizing cream for Dove.
Dove deep moisturizing cream gives your skin deep maintenance and rejuvenation to prevent moisture loss, a key ingredient in winter. The non-
The oily feel is the perfect choice for all skin types, and the compact form factor is easy to carry with you.
Mask: Image Source: garnierDry winter weather can make your skin look dull and dull.
In addition, it can also cause moisture loss and dry skin.
So what you need is a mask.
To be honest, put on the sheet mask after you feel dehydrated, which will be more and more similar to the spa and will wake you up to become a casual, gradually hydrated, refreshing skin.
Our recommendation is the hydra bomb Serum Mask for canier skin water.
Green tea extract and hyaluronic acid enhance this one.
This mask is perfect for every Indian skin type and can instantly rejuvenate your skin.
Exfoliating: Image credit: whether or not you are always exfoliating, but now is the time for you to add exfoliating to your beauty system.
The basic purpose behind the exfoliating skin is to drown the progression of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.
Also, this is basic, because the trend of falling dead skin cells in your skin will retreat as you age, which may cause the skin to become more dull or dull.
Although exfoliating is a basic step in the skin, how often should you make your skin swing from individual to individual.
Our choice: every naturalist scrubbed with nano Multi Vit ALip Balms horny Walnut: Image Source: Maybelline we don\'t like those dry or cracked lips,
While we continue to use a variety of cosmetics to destroy our skin, it cannot be ignored that our lips have the most delicate skin and need nutrition and care on cold and dry days.
That\'s why you should reliably put a lip balm in your makeup bag, which must be one of the basic cosmetics that make room on your kitten.
We recommend baby New York baby Maybelline lips like color.
This lip balm keeps your lips moist for up to 16 hours.
In addition, it is accompanied by an SPF 20, which provides a shield against the harmful light of the Sun and is the best part, the small stick springs up and can be easily carried even in your pocket.
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