Do OEM cosmetics now, ok? China to protect the beauty makeup industry recover faster

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
In the current economic environment is safe to do project? Actually invest in this problem, no matter what project is risky. Current environment, you are worry, others also in the worry, just see who has the vision. Ten profiteering industry estimates are considered, beauty makeup an account should all know that the threshold is low, less investment, high report, the current prevalence of 5 g, small video broadcast social economic situation is good, is indeed a chance.

the McKinsey - The interactive media TechWeb leading Internet consumption. Compared with other industries, the Chinese protect beauty makeup industry recover faster. Despite the 2020 outbreak of the impact on the economy than any previous a recession, but there are signs that the beauty industry will recover faster than any other industry. Its latest data and observations indicate that protect beauty makeup industry in China in February sales recorded a 80% year-on-year decline, but in March, China to protect the beauty makeup industry sales decline of 20%, shows the trend of fast recovery. Mid to late April, McKinsey survey for Chinese consumers, more Chinese consumers in the next two weeks will increase in the articles for daily use, spending on products, skin care products or cosmetics, reduce spending on clothing.
so if you're in the investment, taking into account the cosmetics industry, can try. Or done industry do before the result is bad, don't lose heart, the industry is good, can from the corporate culture, product positioning operation ways or reflection, to return to dongshan. Easier then the want to do cosmetics brand, want to try my best to marketing, want to have the effect what sells products, want to product endorsement, has propaganda advantage, looking for the cosmetics factory. Cosmetics factory has 1000 + best-selling brand cooperation, professional research and development of natural plant 20 years, the original natural plant research and development system, hundreds of plant patents, research and development team, Dr One-stop processing customized selling cosmetics brand for you! 4006 - 565 - 613
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