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【 】 Do cosmetics processing pay attention! New the domestic variety of cosmetics for the record inspection information is allowed

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
According to understands cosmetics factory processing plants, municipal food and drug supervision administration to strengthen the city domestic cosmetics for special filing management, the implementation of the state food and drug administration on the adjustment of cosmetics to register for the record management related issues notice '( In 2013, 10) Cosmetics for special job requirements, do not put on record after the supervision and inspection work, according to the provisions of article 21 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' and product registration work actual situation, for our city to domestic enterprises of special use cosmetics for the record to be provided along with all the information about product inspection, specific requirements are as follows:

since September 1, 2017, zhuhai companies in the administration of state food and drug supervision and management of the website & other; Domestic cosmetics for special filing service platform & throughout; The record for the first time, to continue the business such as production, product changes, in & other; Other added & throughout; Column fill out the record product inspection report of inspection institution full name, complete inspection report number and date of report.

format by & other; Organization of inspection institutions: full name; Report number: complete inspection report number; Report date: on XX XX, XXXX & throughout; In the form of a

( Such as: & other; Inspection institutions: XX test center; Report number: GDGF001201400001; Report date: on December 31, 2016, & throughout; )

cosmetics factory processing plants that also should pay attention to the following three points:

1, such as the record for the first time has provided test report and inspection report information no change, to continue to production, product changes and other business does not need to fill again

2, same product how inspection items of the same test report, can only fill in the date of the latest and effective report information

3, the same product involves more than the test items is not the same inspection report, one copy of the format fill in

if cosmetics processing enterprise failure to fill in the required product inspection information, municipal food and drug supervision bureau will be in accordance with the registration information is not complete or does not comply with the prescribed form, within 5 working days set aside and via registration system information to enterprises and give reasons. In addition, it will be randomly selected products sent a letter to record inspection institutions to verify for product inspection situation, such as was found to provide false the products inspection reports will be investigated in accordance with the law.

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