diy flapper girl costume: 1920s great gatsby dresses, accessories, hair & makeup ideas

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-22
Due to the recent film \"The Great Gatsby\", how to dress in the fashion of \"The two roaring\", people are inspired by the elegance and charm of 1920, therefore, this style has become a fashion trend --
A festival that is still growing, Halloween will be very popular this year.
So, if you want to dress like a well-dressed girl at a fancy dress ball, then you come to the right place!
Below you will find a lot of advice on clothing, hair, shoes, etc, as well as a lot of DIY clothing tutorials and makeup demo videos.
I hope you enjoyed this page :)
The final 20-year-old that you need to finish, schterre, after watching the movie The Great Gatsby, flgirls in their 20 s expose their arms and are often inspired by rebellious nature to wear short skirts (shock horror! )
Do it with some serious fashion style!
Flapper girls are independent young women who are known for a variety of fashion options and more makeup than usual, smoking and wearing bob hairstyles.
Clothing: women should wear bodice in their 20 s, and flappers resist these restrictive clothing by wearing loose hanging clothing that is not suitable for the waist shape.
A popular dress style is
Clothes for vests, they are usually well decorated, not very ordinary.
The length of the skirt ranges from short to lowthe-
Knee, the material used is very thin, flowing (
Contrary to thick and hard)
Free movement is allowed.
Dancing is a favorite pastime for baffles girls, so many costumes have either edges or beads to highlight the movement while dancing.
The dress in the Pearl style is very popular, and the pattern is often decorated with artistic style.
To copy clothes in their 20 s, sequins are a great preparation --
Make choices that mimic the sparkling materials that were popular at the time.
Exquisite fabrics such as lace are also good --
Like, the tie is either plunging (
The same is true for clothes)
Or they\'re directly across the street.
The flower language is also very popular, as you can see in The Great Gatsby movie, Daisy is wearing a flower kimono.
If you have sewing skills or sewing confidence, you can make your own clothes, but I think the best way to make a unique dress is to buy a loose dress of the color you choose and then decorate it yourself.
This may include sewing on sequins, edges, or beads.
You can then choose the color and design you want.
Jewelry: large earrings and long necklaces in the art of popular decoration, especially earrings made of pearls.
Crystal and rhinestones are also stylish.
Props and other accessories: The Jack-in girl is usually a smoker, so the cigarette butt is a good item to match this outfit.
Feather bodice, faux fur stol, and long satin gloves are also perfect for entering the fascinating baffle thinking.
Hair: short hair is the most popular hair style, most of which are designed using the \"finger wave\" technique and produce a series of precise narrow waves in short hair.
Is a Flyaway? no -
Make sure your hair is in order.
Take a look at the video on this page and see how it can be done by stuffing long hair into bob style.
Or you can wear a wig.
Headwear and hats: hat and peekaboo hats are casually put on by fl girls one night
Traditionally worn with thin headband, it is usually decorated with feathers or rhinestones.
Scarf turban or beading head cap is also an option, but you definitely need to wear something on your head to be a real baffle girl :)
Makeup: a lot of girls with puff skin looks perfect (
I hope I can do this! )
And keep makeup on pale skin tone.
There must be no fake tan in the 1920 s!
Cupid in contrast
The red bow lip, beautiful place and dark, dramatic eyes are a trendy combination.
The eyebrows are well-defined and thin.
Shoes: because they must be suitable for dancing, their heel is wide and not too high.
Mary Jens in high heels
Round strap shoes
Toe lace shoes are the style you can use.
I hope to be back in mainstream fashion in my twenties because I love it! (
Image source: I
What you need is: * narrow and elastic sequins based on the color of your choice.
You need enough to support your mind. * 1-
Depending on the size you use and the effect you want, 3 feathers.
Peacock feathers are popular in their 20 s, but they only look good when the sequins are decorated in green or black.
You just need any feathers that don\'t conflict with the color of the sequins.
* Large crystal/rhinestones/pearl brooch (
Art Deco design will be an extra bonus)
Or a thick black felt with an oval shape and a wide variety of rhinestones/beads/sequins/gems, glued to or sewn to the felt.
Ebay is a good source for cheap clothing brooch
Aim for cheap silver-
Because it will be a lightweight colorful plastic brooch. * Long (approx. 6\")
Black Edge, you only need 3 \"length
4 \"* strong glue or hot glue * needle thread-
Wrap the sequins around your head to determine how long you need the band to fit;
Don\'t be too loose or too tight. -
Sew or glue the end of the decoration firmly together. -
Next, stick the feather to the front of the decoration and make sure that when the headband is in place, the feather will stand upright and not be too heavy.
You may need to trim them if they are too large.
In order to hide the feathers, it is better to attach the feathers to the seam of the decoration. -
Roll your edge length tightly to make a tassel.
Stitch or glue the ribbon part of the top to secure the roll. -
Sew the tassels where the feathers are attached.
Try to make the top as flat as possible against your head so it doesn\'t stretch out too much from your head. -
Fix the brooch to the top of the tassel to finish or sew the GEM/rhinestones on the oval shape of the black felt and glue/sew it on the hair band to cover up all previous bonding. -That\'s it!
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