discontinued beauty products we\'d like to see stage a makeup counter comeback (photos)

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-08-23
Since the comeback of Jane cosmetics last month, the editors here have been considering all the discontinued beauty products we would like to see again at the cosmetics counter.
When Huffington Post savored the name of the editor, things became very nostalgic
Before her \"Gilmore Girls\" era, the spokesperson for the teeny beauty brand was Alexis Bledel.
As we made a call to our Twitter fans, more classic discontinued beauty products began to surface.
What will you add to this list? 1.
This cosmetics collection is a must-
We came back in middle school.
Our backpack is filled with the brand\'s shiny lip gloss and nail polish. 2.
When Estee Lauder pulled the plug on the prescription, the prescription makeup fanatics around the world made a collective cry.
We thought we were trying-
The last bottle of virtual matte oil made money on eBay-
But the brand is back online. (We miss the in-
Store consultation. )3.
Not only does Laura mecil\'s chocolate truffles collection make our skin very soft, but we are also irresistible when people smell the chocolate scent. 4.
Maybelline kissing potion we missed four reasons for Maybelline kissing potion: 1.
It smells like candy. 2.
It makes our lips shine. 3. It was cheap. 4.
It clings in the back pocket of our Guess jeans. 5.
Avida\'s elixir-
Since several of our favorite natural hair bloggers listed this hair product as one of the styling secrets behind their massive distortion,
We are looking for it all the time, only to find that it is no longer there. 6.
The sparkling peaches of Bath & Body Works sparkling peaches are just one of the many Bath & Body Works collections that drift into the discontinued area.
We\'re still looking for a lotion that doesn\'t match it. so-
Rich citrus flavor and silky taste.
Please let us know if you have any clues. 7.
Cutex LipsticksYes, a classic Nail Polish stain remover brand, dabbled in cosmetics.
They make very good lipsticks in vibrant shades, which makes it easy to match your nail polish. 8.
DragonTemptalia blogger Christine\'s praise for this red Chanel lip gloss is spot-on.
But we would like to reiterate that when we slide on this sexy shiny lip product, it brings pure perfection. 9.
Cover Girl Queen Collection powder foundation this news powder brings me back to the days I played in my mother\'s Fashion Fair Foundation.
It\'s a fresher, more advanced formula that makes makeup tolerable.
The new Queen series of long-lasting matte powder is not the same ---
Too much powder-
The y end of the spectrum.
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