Discharge makeup products each have different, cosmetic processing factory for your product efficacy

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Discharge makeup product interpretation each have different cosmetics processing manufacturers, product efficacy

the skin often up blain? Increase black head? Pore bulky? These problems, probably because ignores one of the most fundamental reason & ndash; — The makeup.
the beautiful makeup look worked all day, more or less residual cosmetics on the face, discharge makeup product doesn't reach the designated position, to seriously blocked pores, acne, skin problems such as pore greaten will ensue, so discharge makeup is facial ministry skin become good foundation.

but, makeup products on the market, all kinds of different kinds of makeup products, do you know the difference between them? You know you look for what kind of makeup product? Do you know how to use to do makeup correctly?
for all this questions about makeup, cosmetics processing 20 years experience of cosmetics factory with the perspective of professional answer for everyone.

makeup products each have different
discharge makeup oil & ndash; — Suitable for thick makeup, use twice a week
ingredients: mineral oil, synthetic grease or vegetable oil, apply to all type of skin.
: dissolve cosmetics, deep clean pores, suitable for thick makeup.
method of use: easy blocking pores, nose blackheads, and can be used in a after discharge makeup oil, repeat to use discharge makeup oil block, acne, and massage for 3 to carefully 5 minutes. This can let dissolve pore clogging sebum and acne, deeply clean effect, effectively improve rough pore and nose acne problem. Note, however, sensitive skin and inflammation of the skin is not applicable to this method.

makeup water & ndash; — ( Weak clean & amp; Powerful cleaning) Suitable for daily makeup
ingredients: excluding oil, usually according to different formula can be divided into two categories, weak and strong to clean.
: weak clean class used to discharge makeup, after use, feel very relaxed; Super clean class for unloading thick makeup, but easy to make the skin is dry, problem skin should not use for a long time.

makeup milk & ndash; —
moderate makeup suits some brand name & other; Cleansing cream & throughout; Or & other Cleaning cream & throughout; , creamy texture, it is easy to apply makeup is tasted.
after using it is easy to clean up with water or paper towel, moderate makeup suits, or the temporary use of other special cases.

discharge makeup product eye week skin is more special, very fragile and need special discharge makeup product, but also cooperate with the most tender makeup method, ability won't cause harm to eye week skin. Lips skin is particularly delicate, easy to cause irritation or allergy,
general eye makeup article can be used for the lips.

, experts say, how to choose? How does it work?
cognitive after discharge makeup product, according to daily use colour makeup features as well as their own skin to choose suits own discharge makeup product, how to correctly use is crucial. To this, cosmetics factory processing plants to give the professional answer.

the delicate eye and lip need exclusive discharge makeup product
liquid discharge makeup product, advice with makeup cotton after fully infiltrates products, close your eyes, the makeup cotton gently placed in the eye for a few seconds, let a good contact with discharge makeup fluid/oil after makeup, then gently wipe to colour makeup.
makeup cream/cream/lotion, can besmear directly to the product in the eyes, can also be coated on the surface discharge makeup cotton, then gently wipe the makeup effect.

waterproof makeup need discharge makeup oil or invert the makeup of cream, milk,
suggest thick makeup makeup and cleansing. Thoroughly first discharge makeup, and then gently cleansing.

winter winter oil discharge makeup look for products of makeup look relatively thicker it during the summer, the climate is dry, so discharge makeup cream, discharge makeup oil, invert the makeup of the frost will discharge makeup, milk is a good choice.
the summer makeup compared commonly, can consider to discharge makeup of oil-in-water emulsion or makeup remover.

dry, oily, sensitive selection discharge makeup product cannot optional
if partial dry skin, can consider to choose discharge makeup oil, makeup, cream, butter cream and discharge makeup. If oily skin, can choose water base type of makeup water. Sensitivity skin can choose makeup cream makeup, milk, etc.

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