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Different textures of eyeshadows

by:Beauty Spirit     2021-03-24

Eye makeup is very important to the overall makeup. Eye makeup is the key factor of makeup style. For delicate eye makeup, eye shadow is indispensable. Eyeshadows are also divided into different textures, such as matte, pearlescent, sequins, etc. Do you know how to use eye shadows of different textures? Next, follow the editor to see it.

1. Matte eyeshadow

There is no gloss and matte effect. It is often used as a primer for the eyelids. It is suitable for daily makeup and looks low-key, especially the earth-toned eye shadow, which is suitable for most people. Light colors are suitable for large-area primers. Generally, eyeshadows will use a light brown to base the eyelids at the beginning to create a deep eye socket, and also allow other eye shadows to spread better on the eyelids.

2. Pearlescent eyeshadow

It has a pearl-like luster, and the powder is delicate with soft reflections. The pearly luster makes the makeup look lively. It is often matched with matte eyeshadows, and is generally used as an accent color to apply to the back of the eyes or to brighten the middle of the eyelids. White and champagne pearlescent eyeshadows are used to brighten the eyelids or lying silkworms.

3. Sequined eyeshadow

The effect of a single sequined eye shadow is to double the effect of eye makeup. Compared with pearlescent or matte eye shadows, sequined eye shadows can show the blingbling effect of eye makeup and instantly grab the sight. Generally used as a finishing touch to make eye makeup fuller and richer.

4. Creamy eyeshadow

The texture of the cream eyeshadow is generally smoother and extensible. It is more suitable as a primer for the eyes. And the pearlescent eyeshadow of the cream has a higher saturation than the powder. It can be applied to the center of the eyelid as a brightening. Make the whole eye makeup more attractive.

5. Liquid eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows are extensible and have a moisturizing gloss. Although it is metallic, it is very light and delicate after being evenly applied. Liquid eyeshadows are used in the same way as cream eyeshadows, and it has better durability, and it is not easy to accumulate lines or smudge on the eyelids.

Can lipstick be used as eye shadow? How to use lipstick as eye shadow?

Lipstick is now an indispensable item for many women to make up. In fact, did you know that lipstick can be applied to the lips and there are many ways to make up. Can lipstick be used as eye shadow? How to use lipstick as eye shadow? Let's take a look.

Can lipstick be used as eye shadow?
Can be used as eyeshadow.

Lipstick can be used as eye shadow. There are many colors of eye shadow and lipstick in cosmetics, so if there is no eye shadow, lipstick can be used as an emergency eye shadow. The usage of lipstick as eyeshadow is the same as usual. First, use the eyeshadow brush to lightly dip the right amount of lipstick, and then gently paint the lipstick on the eye area. Of course, the essentials are the same as eye shadow, so you only need to use lipstick as eye shadow.

How to use lipstick as eye shadow?
One is to base the eye area, the other is to apply a lipstick that suits your skin tone on the eye area, and the three are pushed out and spread evenly.

One: Make the foundation for the eyes. Spread the muscle foundation evenly on the eyelids. After the muscle foundation is applied, apply a layer of makeup powder. It is not easy to take off makeup.

Two: When applying lipstick, be sure to choose a lipstick that suits your skin tone. Under normal circumstances, choose a lipstick color slightly darker than your own skin tone, so that you can brighten your skin a lot. In addition, when using lipstick as eye shadow, be sure to choose a lipstick with a good moisture level, so that the eye makeup drawn will have the effect of pearlescence.

Three: All you have to do is to gently push these lipsticks away with your fingertips, so that the lipstick is evenly dyed on the eyelids, so that it will look natural.

Of course, when using lipstick as eyeshadow, it's not enough to just apply lipstick a few times. Instead, use lipstick to lightly tap the raised area of ??the eyeball three times, and then gently push it away with your fingertips to make it evenly cover the entire eyelid.
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