Cosmetics products recommended co-packer, a resistance to the old wrinkles at the beginning of the countercurrent concentrate!

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Still worried about their wrinkles more and more? Still worried about their use of cosmetics allergy, etc? Small make up cosmetics factory tell you today small make up these questions can help you to solve now, a recruit better let you go back to the youth. Is the use of wrinkles countercurrent concentrate the product, the product small make up personally tried, can really achieve return to youth delicate face an era of wrinkles.

and anti-wrinkle countercurrent concentrate is a austenite seaweed and chlorella extract, seaweed is a kind of land and the sea are widely distributed, rich nutrition, high photosynthetic utilization degree of autotrophic organisms. Cell metabolism can be used, such as polysaccharide and protein and carotenoid content of the algae is very high, can be used to prevent cancer, resist radiation, enhance immunity and other physiological role! Can also make your skin feel more plump and soft effect; And the concentrate can also contain natural moisturizing factor hyaluronic acid and peptide, hyaluronic acid, can make the skin moist and smooth, delicate, soft, elastic, also has wrinkles at the same time, beauty care, and restore the skin physiology function. The polypeptide is can promote cell activity, improve skin moisture, improve skin color, and so on.

the wrinkles counter current ones, not only to stimulate their own skin collagen hyperplasia, reconstruction of collagen scaffold, tight skin, restore skin elasticity and depth can also achieve fade out fine lines, intensive moisture, make skin tender and smooth compact and flawless.

because this product is made from guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetics research and development team, and joint research and development of cosmetics factory plant development center, from the domestic high-quality raw material suppliers, from the source to ensure product quality, after 36 process, from market research, product research and development team, Dr International GMPC thousands and ISO certification workshop production, after the microbial inspection and packaging, all conform to the cosmetic product standards, every step in the process has only trace code, to ensure that the products are strong after-sale!

if you also want to do this product, or if you want to do the processing cosmetics, welcome to contact cosmetics factory, cosmetics factory, 20 years of professional and technical factories and guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetic research center combining the core members, committed to the research and development of Chinese female skin, the introduction of high-tech supercritical extraction technology, natural plants and Chinese herbal medicine effective components used in cosmetics, built a set product development, project services, in the integration of research and development of modern communication system, one-stop shop for customers to build in the high-end cosmetics brand.

welcome to cosmetics factory factory inspection, the company free of charge for transportation

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