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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Rest assured! Imported cosmetics easily source
3. 8' The goddess of section & throughout; The goddess ready to gift for yourself? There must be many women want to take advantage of this market, and electricity discount period had the presents a kind of imported cosmetics. Cosmetics factory imported cosmetics factory remind everybody looks tall, also not all is safe and reliable. A few days ago, our country introduced new policies on imported cosmetics, can trace back to the origin of the cosmetics, it gives a lot of goddess & other; Eating a reassured & throughout; 。

the goddess of beauty, cosmetics is indispensable. With the rise of overseas online shopping and buy on sb's behalf, more and more female consumers begin to choose imported cosmetics, especially Japanese and Korean brands. From lipstick to foundation, as well as lenses which rise in recent years, has gradually become the standard of makeup girl. Whether a girl is pay attention to today's date, can see just a little from her makeup look.

with the gradual improvement of the women's income, the quality of cosmetics, and class is also put forward more requirements, apply on the face of things also gradually caused the attention of the female consumers. Then the rise of overseas online shopping and act as purchasing agency further help imported cosmetics to expand the domestic market.

the gaqsiq shall send a list of careful contrast to buy
as the imported cosmetics door opens, and the increase of purchase way, imported cosmetics brand is becoming more and more hard to avoid in the process of choice for consumers, open-work eyes. Hung & other; Import & throughout; Brand, look be like tall ads, imported cosmetics really so useful?
a few days ago, cosmetics factory processing factory, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine announced in January this year did not access to food and cosmetics information, involved 403 batches of the product, which contains 43 batch cosmetics, from Britain, South Korea, France, the United States, Australia and other regions. Amorepacific's orange brand in column, 3 batches of staphylococcus aureus was detected. The amorepacific claims, orange in the Chinese market sales of all products have been more strict quality control. Cosmetics factory processing plants in this remind female consumers in the choose and buy when the imported cosmetics also careful contrast before buying.

traceability documented imported cosmetics assurances
in view of the present types of imported cosmetics increasing phenomenon, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and other relevant departments are also think of some way to get consumers to buy more at ease.
a few days ago, our country's 'imported cosmetics domestic consignee for the record, the record and sales records management regulations' has been officially implemented, on March 1, this symbolized our country imported cosmetics as well as imported food process can realize the information back, this news made a lot of love for imported cosmetics female consumers more peace of mind.

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