Cosmetics processing: the great change of 2017 events

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
For cosmetic industry in 2017, are some of the big bang event happened, demands cosmetics processing enterprise management on the one hand, enable the new cosmetics production license, on the other hand, three certificates and transformation of cosmetics processing enterprises is still in progress, this to a certain extent, contributed to the cosmetics industry reshuffle.

in order to cope with this change, a lot of cosmetics processing factory all want to study well reform plan, for a short period of time to complete the rectification; In the course of this extremely fee kung fu, spent a lot of money and personnel training, and to meet the requirements, the administrative department bosses are looking forward to their own transformation can through earlier, this is 2017 and an important task. The next day will continue to environmental improvement, also need all industries seriously!

the cosmetics industry competition is intense, cosmetics processing enterprises to product innovation, as a place to enter in the market, therefore, improve the product quality is crucial, because it can get more advantage. But in order to be able to meet the requirements of management departments.

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