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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
On March 1, imported cosmetics in two Italian news, a direct result of the good news is that, including l 'oreal China and the seti group, more than 20 enterprises have been the first pilot account for the record.

on March 1, imported cosmetics come in two Italian news: the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued the imported cosmetics domestic consignee for the record, the record and sales records management regulations, The regulations are referred to below) And Shanghai pudong new area for the imported cosmetics for special filing management ( The time & other; For the record management & throughout; ) In that day will formally implemented. Imported cosmetics system will be more rationalization, standardization, which will also accelerate the industry's evolution.

the cosmetics factory processing plants, the regulations and the implementation of imported cosmetics compared domestic consignee registration procedures, there are three changes:

a, the consignee shall apply to the industrial and commercial registration that inspection and quarantine institutions for the record, which is applied to cosmetics import port inspection and quarantine institution for record;

2, the consignee need to provide the paper material, not only need to import food and cosmetics import and export business for the record system through electronic submission information, to meet the requirements before issuing the record number;

3, consignee list will be announced by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. Consignee just once for the record, the national inspection and quarantine organ can get the record information query.

the regulation, supervision departments will be fully grasp the cosmetics consignee dynamic information, realize the traceability of imported cosmetics, ensure the quality and safety problems when product recall problem quickly. Cosmetics factory factory said & other; The rules for cosmetics OEM processing plants, is both opportunity and challenge.

not only in product safety & other; Throughout the traceability &; , countries in the aspect of imports introduced process is also trying to optimization, which is imported cosmetics for another good news. The cosmetics factory processing plants, in January, the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, according to the joint announcement will be in Shanghai pudong new area of pilot implementation of imported cosmetics for special filing management. Since March 1, 2017 to December 21, 2018, all imported from pudong new area of Shanghai port, and domestic person registered in the pudong new area in Shanghai for the first time to import the special use cosmetics, changed from the current examination and approval administration for archival filing management.

implementation after filing management, relevant enterprises can be in 5 working days to get the shortest proven record, than in the past the approval cycle greatly compressed. Synchronous experience for consumers, to international latest listing of special use cosmetics brand. It is reported that more than 20 enterprises get the first pilot account for the record, including l 'oreal China, the seti group, etc.

in the March 1, at the launch of pudong filing management, l 'oreal China obtained by Shanghai food sfda Yan Zuqiang personally issued the first enterprise user accounts. The relevant person in charge of l 'oreal said the State Council and other Reduction of government decentralization & throughout; The beginning of the pilot, will shorten the time to market of related products in China, makes the Chinese consumers have the opportunity to with foreign consumers enjoy the global latest product at the same time synchronization. Companies will also adjust the related production supply plan, increase investment in the Chinese market in order to get a better development.

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