Cosmetics processing plants for the Chinese women skin problems

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-25
The beginning of the story should be started from the fair in September last year, the university shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Yuan Binhua, m. d. , a long-serving old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, seen too many women in the hospital because the skin is dark yellow spotted skin problems such as the life, even if there are a lot of women can go to the hospital sees a doctor, registered by Dr. Yuan by Dr Yuen open kitchens to solve skin problems of traditional Chinese medicines, but in China there are thousands of women are dark skin and bring trouble spots.
Dr Yuen think I this decades of prescription, how can have such a good effect is more convenient to benefit more Chinese women? This time he wants to, why don't you make them as a protect skin to taste isn't that more convenient, also can let more Chinese women to experience.
online access to the information, protects skin to taste with Dr Yuen to carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine and herb culture, the benefit of more Chinese women's dreams, from shenzhen came to the fair, shadow, all already doomed, is met cosmetics factory contract at this time.

cosmetics factory contract design of the booth of the fair on the awaken of spring is abundant in the United States and the slogan of pure natural plant processing base, immediately attracted the eyes of Dr Yuen, he came to the booth after President Deng has carried on the simple communication with us, in exchange, Dr Yuen to know our cosmetics factory contract is not only the natural plant technology development center, or guangdong pharmaceutical university experimental teaching base, for our factory's strength, as well as the founder of ms Deng Mingyu 20 years experience in the natural plant extraction, the deep research in plant cosmetics and original ideas deeply shocked.
cosmetics factory contract & other; Let all people use natural, safe, effective and innovative green cosmetics & throughout; The company mission and Dr Yuen dream also coincides with mine. When Dr Yuen think he's cosmetics factory factory looking for partners.

, founder of the cosmetics factory owned two end beauty expo Dr Yuan has send his Chinese medicine prescription of raw materials to cosmetics factory, the company founder Deng Mingyu experts and several university led by Dr Cosmetics factory research and development team after several months research ratio under test repeatedly, finally the Dr Yuan's Chinese herbal medicine and cosmetics technology perfect union, to improve the skin is dark yellow, the phenomenon such as pigmentation effect is very good, such as lipstick paste, Dr Yuen said: & other; Sample trial feedback is very good, with two or three times the skin becomes very bright and delicate. ”

see Dr Cosmetics factory level research and development team of product development such a good effect, Dr. Yuan for his dream to have more confidence, so it can't wait to cosmetics factory plant to discuss cooperation matters.

Dr Yuen and founder of the cosmetics factory photo
let's wait and see, Dr Yuen marvelous lipstick paste listed! The Gospel brings to Chinese female skin!
cosmetics factory welcome the masses of cosmetics industry partners to visit factory! The telephone booking free shuttle!

cosmetics factory only do welcome in the market products, cosmetics factory do only make customers satisfactory products!
the good faith is supreme, quality first.

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