Cosmetics processing, 'Korean wave' change 'cold current', a good opportunity for the rise of domestic cosmetics

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
“ Hallyu & throughout; Change & other; Cold & throughout; Korean generation swirled to act as purchasing agency popular

huge overseas demand for goods to bought a lot of business opportunities, but not stable bilateral policy but also have deep influence on it. In recent years popular & other; Hallyu & throughout; The nearly period of time has changed, & other; Hallyu & throughout; The wind into & other; Cold & throughout; 。 The activating & other; Cold & throughout; Makeup industry, has affected the Korea.
the cosmetics factory processing plants, Korean makeup act as purchasing agency said no longer bought makeup, then turned to the Japanese buy on sb's behalf.

act as purchasing agency recently not bought south Korean cosmetics

recently many netizens voices in circle of friends, & other; Empty shopping cart throughout Korea makeup &; Or & other No longer buy Korean makeup & throughout; 。
part act as purchasing agency also claimed that, in the near future is no longer bought south Korean cosmetics, 代购商, South Korea, they have both said it had turned to act as purchasing agency in Japan. Korea makeup act as purchasing agency, said the current Korean makeup act as purchasing agency suffered some degree of shock.

experts & other; Cold & throughout; Or will affect the Korean makeup prospects

our city a decades of senior managers engaged in the cosmetics industry, said from the point of the current situation, Korean makeup has been & other; Cold & throughout; Some of the impact, as to whether to & other; Freezing point & throughout; It remains to be seen. He thinks is the most important factors that affect the Korean makeup sales its products own & other; Throughout the construction &; 。

cosmetics factory factory query data found that recently Korea makeup lots of quality problems, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of China on March 2, without approval, including three pieces of Korean products, a total of 43 cosmetics into China of seven countries, including South Korea product amorepacific's orange of the three products ( An emulsion and two spray) Not allowed to reason from the product detect staphylococcus aureus.
and amorepacific relevant personnel said, & other; The customs clearance is not allowed to as a quality control problem. To prevent this kind of problem happen again, will try my best to manage quality. ”
there are also the personage inside course of study thinks, Korean makeup companies suffered & other; Cold & throughout; To some extent, this kind of situation for local brands, perhaps is a good chance for you to rise. As for the domestic brands can seize the moment to let the market & other; Pick up & throughout; Taken, or to see whether effective.

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