【 Cosmetics processing] How can you don't know the difference between OEM/ODM?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-21
Today, the cosmetics market phenomenon of sudden huge profits, make cosmetics processing industry is increasingly rise. A lot of cosmetics processing business, want to join the cosmetics industry, in which a slice of this action. So want to processing of cosmetics, do you know the difference between OEM/ODM? Don't know and small make up together and see it!

OEM whole put together the Original Equipment Manufacturer, factory commissioning, is entrusted with the Manufacturer according to customer's requirement and authorization, in accordance with the Manufacturer specific conditions and production; All drawings are completely in accordance with the manufacturer to sample design for manufacturing processes; Words of choose and employ persons, is providing customers with product design, production specifications to contract with the manufacturer's production line.

the ODM whole put together for the Original Design Manufacturer, the Manufacturer's Design way of supply, refers to a contract Manufacturer according to customer requirements to provide product Design, production itself, the Design of the product scheme by can be bought by the customer, without buying the Design scheme of production can be sold to other customers.

all in all, the two largest cosmetics processing and OEM/ODM is OEM products is right off for brand manufacturers, production can only use the brand name, absolutely can't crown producers in their own name and then to production. While the ODM watch brands have to buy the product of the copyright. If not, the manufacturer shall have the right to organize production, as long as no company design recognition.

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