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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
After years of skin wrinkles will visit us, to avoid in the forehead, eyes, neck wrinkles are commonplace, it is the aging characteristics of escape. But cosmetics factory factory there are a few tips can effectively prevent them!

brow forehead is one of the most simple present wrinkles. When massage from down to up first, then from the inside to the outside, eventually fingers slide to the hairline with temporal, you push hard on the temple beauty spot. Canthus

the skin around the eyes are the most inclined to show wrinkles and edema, and once the eye skin lax, difficult to recover. Massage the eyes skin, pay attention to the dynamics, the finger massage along the upper and lower eyelids from the inside to the outside, a little hard to slide.

mouth because they often chew, talk, laugh, so simple corners of the mouth is also boring, wrinkles, it is necessary to massage to prevent mouth prolapse. When doing massage service corners of the mouth, with middle finger press, other fingers down pressure on both sides of the corners of the mouth and jaw of the lateral.

the jaw face also is the external embodiment of the age, to tighten the chin, prevent double chin. Massage jaw's solution: palm repeat pulling up, finally with middle finger pressure below the ears quietly. Here mandibular nerve, pay attention to don't be too hard.

neck people tend to ignore the neck of the care, but because of the thin neck skin, more of the event, very easy to the ageing phenomenon such as wrinkles or high black. Carotid artery on both sides of the neck, gently massage strength to, can be in the first cervical smear toner and latex, massage along the muscle grain, the lift from down to up, repeated several times.

of course, in addition to master these parts of the massage technique, more important is to should have the determination which persistence can work. But now, cosmetics factory factory new wrinkles counterflow liquid, which contains hyaluronic acid, polypeptide, austenite seaweed extract, seaweed chlorella extract ingredients, meet you remove wrinkles, firming skin, brighten the skin tone. Make your skin regain young state, glows the youth brilliance.

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