Cosmetics processing customers pay attention to! Five new cosmetics line marking on October 1

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
Cosmetics factory processing plants from the law of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announcement no. 14, 2017 file that five new line standard cosmetic industry will be October 1, 2017 formally implemented.

the cosmetics factory processing plants, the five new line in the cosmetics, iodine propiolic alcohol butyl formate (ammonia QB / T5105 - 2017). , benzethonium chloride ( QB / T5106 - 2017). , allantoin, QB/T5107- 2017). Three cosmetics use raw materials and depilatory cream ( Milk) ( QB / T5108 - 2017). Is the first line mark, lipstick with QB/T2872 - Alternative current standard QB/T2872-2017 2007.

cosmetics factory factory processing of lipstick has always been in accordance with the 2872 - 2007 line standard to do, but not think right away to be executed in accordance with the new rules. As the old line standard is 2007 version, has served for ten years, and during this period, the cosmetic safety technical specifications '( The 2015 version) Line to the implementation of the new basic rules such as already, so the update is imperative.

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