Cosmetics processing, cosmetics factory in cooperation with water lilies planting base customers

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-24
Cosmetics factory is a collection of cosmetics research and development, production, sales and service in a body's cosmetics processing factories, owns yi mei, become beautiful jade own brand management. Cosmetics factory inheritance of plant extract, ginseng, rose, lotus, such as pure plant skin care concept, product quality excellence, shortly before working with lotus flower planting base, guangdong pharmaceutical university professor extremely r&d team used sophisticated plant extraction technology, apply the perfect effective components of lily pads to the lipstick, developed a perfume lotus lipstick.

as a large cosmetics has 20 years experience in cosmetics processing processing enterprises, cosmetics factory to undertake professional cosmetics OEM, ODM OEM, cosmetics OEM processing, cosmetics, etc. Factory has experienced professional team, excellent form a complete set of advanced production equipment, workshop has large reserves of product technology research and development department, production workshop closed aseptic operation, every production process through strict inspection, every production equipment through the accurate control, each product is carefully chosen, each employee is conscientious.

cosmetics factory factory since its inception, with its excellent quality, perfect service, good business reputation has won the customer's recognition and love, processed products including wrinkles, fight decline, moisturizing and whitening effect of skin care products, meet the demand of different levels, women of different ages, bring them the beautiful blessing.

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