Cosmetics processing, cosmetics channel classification has the two original

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
For just entering the cosmetics processing industry customers, you must first understand the classification of the cosmetics sales channel. Because of different sales channels, its cosmetics brand structure is different, the price is different also, customers choose formula, choose the cost of packing is different, so clear cosmetics sales channel is very important oh ~. The following cosmetics factory processing plants, simple say to you about their classification and characteristics.
cosmetics roughly divided into two categories, one kind is cosmetic line, one kind is professional line. From sales terminals, cosmetic line includes: cosmetic stores, business super, online shopping, drug stores, TV shopping, etc. Professional line including: beauty salon, beauty club, beauty salon, etc. Cosmetic line products, low prices, in general, formula of low cost. Formula and professional line of products quality is high, the cost is high, the product price is relatively high.

the date line: cosmetic stores, business super, online shopping, drug stores, TV shopping

become beautiful plant polypeptide cream silk the lipstick

to placate tramal lipstick

professional line: beauty salon, hairdressing center, hair salon

above the strawberry juice lipstick

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