【 Cosmetics processing] China's cosmetics market may highlight of record in nearly three years

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-18
On June 14, 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics released in May consumption data, including fashion category do well, especially the cosmetics category performance record in nearly three years.

in May, China's cosmetics market recorded since 2014, the highest since July 12. 9% increase to 19. 6 billion yuan ( The abbreviation & other; Yuan & throughout; ) , since 2014, 5, 6, 7 months China's cosmetics market growth are 12. 9%, in fact, may performance is also the best performance since January 2014, growth of 14 December 2013. 1%.

although since the second half of 2016, a number of factors to stimulate China's luxury market recovery, but the overall fashion consumer market growth is still slow further, especially the public beauty and clothing categories, but in 2017, in addition to gold and silver jewelry luxury category recovered sharply, hairdressing market also signs of recovery.

1-2017 In may, China's cosmetics market consumption of 98 billion yuan, according to the 10 years of growth. 1%, far higher than overall 8, 2016. Growth of 3%.

no matter Zhang Dayi sales 20000 lipsticks in 2 hours, or star Angelababy do live for maybelline, 2 hours 10000 lipstick sales; Strong cashability web celebrity have become a new sales channels. The same product, online, offline have distinct sales, behind the cause of the growth is worth thinking about.

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