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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
State administration for industry and commerce bureau chief zhang MAO reply noted & other Chinese and foreign journalists 'Online 7, no reason to return method' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'method') Will be in this year's & other; 3. 15' The formal introduction & throughout; 。 Cosmetics factory processing plants collected some information for you to understand, since the implementation of 'method' online returns will produce what change?

somebody buy cosmetics online, with allergic symptoms after, demanded a refund at this moment, whether it is feasible?
somebody buy a apple box on the net, think apple is not sweet, can require companies to return?
in addition, mobile phone, computer, etc, once the trial loses value larger electronics, this also be explicitly included in the scope of do not apply for seven days no reason to return. We in the purchase of electronic products, usually have a commissioning process, if the trial found that the product has a problem, without using product activation, and maintaining the appearance in good condition, there is no reason to return within seven days?
to care about these problems, cosmetics factory processing plants and market administration and yuhang district, hangzhou city, collect the relevant market supervision bureau staff according to the state administration for industry and commerce according to the definition of the methods, the answers.

'how to understand & other; Fresh perishable goods & throughout; 吗?

is refers to in the transport, storage refrigeration, heating, heat preservation, need to adopt special measures such as ice, and prevent decay, deterioration, physiological disease and other issues of goods. Such as shrimp, crab, fish, meat, flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants, trees, dairy products, frozen food, medicine, etc.

what is & other; Once opened easily affect the safety or health of goods & throughout; 吗?

the goods itself after contact with packaging outside air or human body easy metamorphism or infected with bacteria, pose a threat to the health of other users.
such as close-fitting clothing including underwear, swimwear, socks, tights personal hygiene products such as packaging; Such as food and health products, including baby food, snacks, drinks, wines, grain, flour, dry goods, condiment packaging; Chemical products packaging of the appliance.
however, if the quality of this commodity defect, can according to the 'product quality standard' and 'consumer rights and interests protects a law' the relevant provisions of the rights.

low returns, gifts to return?

return when the goods itself, accessories and gifts are returned, including physical, integral, vouchers, coupons, etc. Merchandise cannot be returned, the businessman can ask consumers in light of the gift price as specified in the advance payment of the price of the gift.

* who bear the freight belong to?

costs of goods returned in accordance with law, shall be borne by the consumers, merchants and consumers have agreed otherwise, in accordance with the contract. Consumers in free shipping activities in a certain condition, but cannot meet the requirements of free shipping activities after return, the seller can deduct the freight in the refund.

low credit card payment, if there are charges, can you back?

can not return fee. If consumers pay, merchants to waive the handling charge, the businessman can be deducted when refund fee.

'in the circle of friends & other; Wechat business & throughout; If you can apply the methods?

if the store seller lawfully registered obtain corresponding business qualifications, then the transaction behavior is equivalent to the network to buy goods, apply; If it is not the real operator, is just an acquaintance of trust between shopping, no reason to return does not apply to system.

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