Cosmetics OEM will see - — On the issue of the cosmetics processing contract, you know?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Commissioned a cosmetics OEM cosmetics OEM factory, ready to sign the contract. Yourself but do not have the relevant experience, don't know what generally pay attention to this kind of contract? What are the convention is more important and easy to forget? For the two problems cosmetics factory processing plants for your answers to below.
want OEM cosmetics, first to confirm the cooperation way, usually branded cosmetics is divided into several categories: OEM, ODM and OBM. This a few noun explanation, small make up is described in the previous article, you can see.

for the first time and cosmetics OEM factory cooperation, mainly from the two lines, considering this way I to ODM and OEM cosmetics for example
A. Product line or line: quality is the first to know what kind of products you want, with professional words will need to demand specific: if dosage form ( 一个。 O. C ( 方面、气味、颜色) , viscosity, pH, microbial, efficacy ( Moisturizing, sunscreen, whitening, etc. ) Type, quality and packaging material requirements, etc. , these indicators to have his own and passed to the factory, let the factory according to these requirements formulation development, proofing to verify whether to meet this need, if satisfied, can be a formal order, if not satisfied. 。 。 Until we meet the requirements.

B. The other is the purchase line, or business line; This is easy to understand, how much development formula, proofing how many money, how much is the design of packaging material, how much money to buy the raw material, how much the cost of production and so on.

the above two lines are not isolated, but influence each other, the quality requirement is high, the cost will rise, so the price with factory core need to take quality into consideration, develop a reasonable request, generally just start, basic are national standard as a baseline discussion.

the above content are identified, then the contract has been basically formed, but still don't have to hurry to sign up, the beginning cosmetics OEM way is more wild, also will not necessarily look for companies to do, but just begin to do, suggest or find more professional manufacturer to do ( Ps: small make up to make a advertisement, actually we cosmetics factory OEM factory also is pretty good oh! ) , master in the folk, a lot of small factory can also find a few formula do ODM, so still have to examine whether these small factory certification is complete, is by the hygiene license, production license before two card to complete, now two certificate and a certificate; In addition, the provisions of the state of recordation products shall not be sold, but also need the cost for the record, you also need to discuss these things.

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