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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Trademark is an important part of the product and packaging decoration painting, beautifully designed, profound, novel and chic, personality prominent brand, good decorative products and beautify the packaging, can promote the consumer's purchase desire. The use of the trademark is a sovereign to their products, and make the trademark registrant can be protected. So, cosmetics factory processing plants to remind you that the trademark is the enterprise intangible assets, must be in the first time to apply for protection, to maintain their intellectual property!

1. Applications for
before applying query: trademark before applying for general need to the trademark office to query and retrieve. To avoid to declare with the registration of trademarks ( Application) A prior trademark identical with or similar to be rejected, ( Trademark query is based on the principle of voluntary. Creativity, design trademark, shall abide by the trademark law, the provisions of the clause regarding shall not be used as a trademark, registered, and try to avoid with others in the same class of trademark approximation) 。
压力; Design trademark: in accordance with the trademark should have significant features, easy to identify the requirements, design and production of the trademarks, and may entrust office design.
压力; Fill in the book ( The applicant's name, address, contact person, telephone and other content should be truthfully fill in according to the business license or a natural person, release goods/services shall be in accordance with the trademark office of the similar goods and service area table fill in) , submit material, pay the fee and submitted to the trademark office.

  2. Shall be submitted to the material

& middot; Seal of the applicant or a natural person to sign, Affix one's seal) Two copies of application for trademark registration, trademark agent a power of attorney in duplicate ( By the firm print submitted to the trademark office) 。
压力; The applicant's business license copy ( Legal person registration certificate) Two copies or natural person id photocopy.
压力; The trademarks seven parts, specify the color of the need for by six samples of color, black and white draft a ( In 5 & times; 5厘米~ 10× 10 cm) between 。
压力; Application portraits as a trademark shall be enclosed notarized right agreed to this portrait as the trademark registration statement file.

  3. Cost

& middot; Every application for registration of trademark costs 1800 yuan, Including fees and agency fee to the trademark office) , 10 of limited class of goods or services, more than 10, each more than 1, the extra 150 yuan.
压力; Query cost is 200 yuan to each type of word mark ( One working day) 。

  4. The registration procedure and time

& middot; Now, after a trademark submitted to the trademark office, within 4 months or so will receive acceptance notification, the trademark office issued by through the form of review and examination as to substance, upon preliminary examination and approval and announcement, again after 3 months of objection period, normal was approved registration takes about 2 years or so.

  5. Notice the

& middot; The trademark office to apply for registration of the trademark review process, subject to reply and corrections within a time limit of the issuance of the legal documents. To facilitate communication, prompt reply the official Jeremy levin, notify the applicant to come to get the registration acceptance notice and the trademark registration certificate, such as the applicant's specific contact person, telephone, address changes, please immediately notify the firm I can only know so much, suggest you ask the hair in commercial/finance the classification, will get more help

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