Cosmetics OEM, the skin also want to eat ice cream

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
, according to sources with lipstick cosmetics factory OEM factory query products according to international and national standards, generally cream ice cream, its nutrient composition 2 for milk. 8 ~ 3 times, in the body of the digestion rate can reach more than 95%, higher than the meat, fat digestibility.
ice cream is A rich source of high quality protein, lactose, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, sulfur, iron, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutritional ingredients, and other bioactive substances, which are beneficial to the people extremely, adjust physiology function, balance the body osmotic pressure and ph value of the function.

the main nutrients sugar and fat ice cream.
ice cream containing sugar, by the lactose in milk and all kinds of fruit juice, fruit purees of fructose and sucrose, organic acids, tannins, and a variety of vitamins, can give the human body needed nutrients.

fat ice cream contains mainly comes from the milk and eggs, there are more lecithin, can release the choline, are helpful to improve the memory. The fat fat-soluble vitamins are easy to be absorbed by human body.
we eat ice cream with the nutritional value of the human body. So if we apply it to our skin, we ate the skin, can have what effect? According to the idea of cosmetics OEM factory factory lipstick through research, finally produce the product & ndash; — Ice cream essence cream.

ice cream essence cream, USES the high quality natural ingredients, active ingredient is strawberry, milk, chocolate.
strawberry is rich in many kinds of acidity. Vitamins and minerals, etc. , can enhance the skin elasticity, with light skin and moisturizing effect.
milk contains rich protein, vitamins and minerals, have natural moisturizing effect, easily absorbed by skin.
chocolate, can tighten the skin, let exhaustion, loose face look younger.
it's three big efficacy is hydrating, carry bright color of skin and firming skin.

it like ice cream is exquisite. 24 hours can protect wet, not greasy. Ice cream texture is rapidly melting, lasting moisture not greasy, make your skin drink enough water. PH value and its weak acid balance water and oil. Effective filling water lock water, balance water and oil, let skin without burden.

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