Cosmetics OEM reveal production process of the product for you

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Most women friends to protect skin to taste is like the palm of his hand, and to protect skin to taste could be a little knowledge of the production process, the making process of the skin care products is a very complex process, then reveal one by one to you by cosmetics factory OEM manufacturer of skin care products production process those things!

is the first step in the production workshop ingredients, mixing, homogeneous, then pour ingredients into the reaction vessel, general cosmetics probably need two or three pot, this basically is to see the scale of production; The main functions of the cauldron is stirring, according to the formula is tuned by uniform mixing raw materials, homogeneous, as if to make bread, just don't need this step fermentation.

because cosmetics are basic emulsion, so to oil and water two large pot. Raw materials, respectively, after mixing can be mixed, then whipped pipeline through homogeneous, which is of high speed stirring and shearing, mixed evenly. After mixing can add a variety of active substances and essence, so that you can out of the pot, the last is wait for filling.

quantitative filling is to mix a good body to infuse into the bottle, according to different packaging category, filling production line will be different. Before filling the packing material ready, line up one by one, into the production line, some of the whole process is automatic, some or semi-automatic, need workers beside watching. After filling bottles can be in the box, packaging, packing.

of course, some natural formula or special use cosmetics because of not adding redundant preservatives, in equipment, management of production environment is very harsh, good production workshop environment to do just can deal with GMPC standard aseptic workshop. And the quality supervisor of the production enterprises of each batch of finished product inspection, ensure that every batch of products within the specified index. Cosmetics factory OEM factory production workshop in strict accordance with the GMPC standard construction, and according to ISO9001 quality system standard operation, the implementation of 6 s, visual management adopt total quality management the whole process of quality control system, a leading peer advanced production equipment, and constantly introduce the most advanced production management methods and the research and development ability, cosmetics factory OEM factory production environment and strength has reached the national and industry standards, and through alibaba power merchants more underlines that certification.

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