Cosmetics OEM processing technology which is strong?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Cosmetics OEM processing technology which is strong? When is a cosmetics factory professional processing factory. Cosmetics factory fine chemical co. , LTD. Has advanced production equipment and professional and technical, and learned 20 years cosmetics OEM service essence, constantly open up domestic and foreign cosmetics processing business. As the r&d team of innovation, improvement of form a complete set of technology, production is extensive. Fresh cosmetics factory OEM products, automation equipment, rapid marketing, make you relaxed has its own unique cosmetics.

how long does it take to cosmetics OEM!
packaging material in place, after nearly ten working days to delivery, but due to the number and variety of cosmetics OEM products your company have more with less, so the time may have corresponding change. What is important is ten working days is not the fastest delivery! Cosmetics factory for emergency contingency plans, in order to meet some electricity, wechat business customers due to do activities need fast production requirements, lipstick production 150000 / day, three working days to complete delivery, terrible!

your cosmetics OEM product quality is stable?
since the company since its founding, with a number of cosmetics brand made a long-term cooperation. Processing a lot of products for many customers, at present the market reactions are good, won the customer consistent high praise. Because in cosmetics factory before any formula production plant processing all have to pass strict stability test, before production.

why cosmetics OEM processing, cosmetics factory always trusted by customers
cosmetics factory processing plants and guangdong pharmaceutical university research center, combining the cosmetics, build the guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base, and a reverse osmosis water treatment device, automatic irrigation machine, lipstick, and a number of patent certificate. Always to & other; Product innovation, technology innovation & throughout; For the development of philosophy, and constantly strengthen the company's internal quality management, absorb the advanced technology to provide customers with quality products and services. Because of strong technology, so trusted by the customers.

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