Cosmetics OEM processing orders, what is the minimum quantity

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Each OEM cosmetics manufacturers have requirement on the minimum quantity of an order for cosmetics and processing, so, minimum quantity is according to the needs of customers to, or has the standard? 吗? 吗?

OEM cosmetics, also called cosmetics generation processing, generally refers to have cosmetic brands not immediately manufacturing goods, just use their own grasp of the key technology, the design and development plan for goods, control marketing channel, or their own marketing channels. According to the contract to buy methods authorized specializing processing factory production and manufacturing. To do a good job in a famous brand, select OEM cosmetics maker is very important, so cosmetics processing orders, what is the minimum quantity?

here by the municipal cosmetics factory factory under the manufacturer's web editor allows you to share:
every cosmetics factory in this area has its own rules. But in the whole industry, cosmetics OEM order information on the batch with an average in total, each cosmetic manufacturer is the minimum quantity of an order.

a, how can have the cosmetics OEM order information the provisions of the minimum quantity?

1, the influence of skin care products industry chain, cosmetics factory to manufacture each order, it must be upstream suppliers to buy packaging materials, raw materials, such as raw materials. Skin care products industry chain upstream mainly for raw materials and packaging industry, raw material industry including essence, natural oils, synthetic grease, powder quality raw materials, raw materials, surface active agent; Packaging industry including paper packaging, glass packaging, plastic packaging, aluminum packaging. Skin care products industry of upstream industry relies on strong, suppliers will typically require a lipstick aluminum foil bag and bottles, hose has the minimum quantity of an order for basic, so the corresponding cosmetics manufacturer also should have the minimum quantity of an order for cosmetics OEM orders.

2, in view of the large and medium-sized processing plants in terms of cosmetics, no manufacturing a product, it is necessary to enable one or more production lines, from purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, must be money money, if a customer production 50000 products, and that a customer only manufacture 500 products, is very significant, cosmetics factory will pick for manufacturing 50000 products customer service.
processing industry is the meager profit but high turnover, production and manufacturing, in the work of the total cost is quite large, the number of total less, a construction is loss, to the final is often at a loss.
only scale production and manufacturing, can make the product cost reduce to a minimum.

2, semi-finished products processing, the total number of actual finished goods order minimum quantity information
1, the minimum quantity of semi-finished products processing and OEM order information is generally measured by Kg, greatly barrels of shampoo products, for example, how to 300 Kg, 500 Kg to calculate totals.
2, of manufactured goods OEM orders for the minimum quantity of information is generally in accordance with the bottle, a,, film companies to carry out calculations, such as lipstick OEM batch generally around 30000 pieces, with different cosmetics factory in cosmetics OEM batch above a certain pass in and out.

3, cosmetics OEM cosmetics factory orders, what is the minimum quantity?
in general, different cosmetics factory for minimum quantity of each different. But it must be follow the basic rules of the industry chain, will only more not less, cosmetics factory in this area is for the best interests of the masses of customers to.
that is to say, cosmetics factory production manufacturer's net weaving guys Shared cosmetics OEM production and processing of the batch of how many money, looking forward to sharing items can help everyone.
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