Cosmetics OEM, processing of pricing factors reveal cosmetics

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Believe that everybody wants to know what are the influencing factors of cosmetics OEM pricing mainly, cosmetics factory OEM factory according to their own industry 20 years of experience for everyone to summarizes the following two points.

packaging material

packaging of cosmetics packaging materials, it can be divided into main containers and auxiliary materials. Subject container usually are: plastic bottle, glass bottle, hose, vacuum flask, etc. As we understand it, the market now dominated by mainly plastic and glass ( Aleck) 。 Plastics can be change degree is high, a variety of sizes, shapes, color, transparent, opaque can do it. Light weight, easy to transport, the advantages of excellent printing, recyclable, etc, but it's not heat-resisting, light barrier property is not enough, poor solvent resistance ( Especially the fat class) 。 Compared with plastic, glass heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance is better. Because this two kind of material is different, so their price is also different, in general, the price of the glass bottle is higher than that of plastic bottles. As for what kind of material that will need to customers with its budget and the nature of the product to choose. Auxiliary materials usually include: color box, box, box. These are the packaging of the product.

the material body

the subject container padding material body. Due to the customer request the product effect is different, the material body the discretion of the price is not the same. For example, you want to cosmetics factory OEM factory processing a lipstick, efficacy just filling water, so the price of the lipstick is cheaper. But if you want to make this lipstick is not only need whitening and hydrating effect, effect of acne, pale spot, and so on, so the lipstick of processing will lead to higher prices, because it needs to use the raw material is more, and the efficacy of these materials are also need according to the product needed to add procurement.

so, cosmetics OEM cost depends on the materials, packaging materials, high requirements for quality, use of material is more expensive, and is cheap, packaging materials, too.

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