Cosmetics OEM processing, he is a good standard quality

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-22
Cosmetics factory OEM manufacturer for many years to the quality to true standard, equipped with advanced emulsification equipment ( 1 ton emulsion washing equipment, 500 kg emulsion vacuum equipment, 200 kg vacuum emulsification equipment, 50 kg emulsion vacuum equipment) To provide customers with various needs of different processing capacity, may at any time according to the customer request production and processing, customized products, for your own product architecture and formula.

cosmetics factory OEM quality assurance from more by GMPC ( Cosmetics - Good manufacturing practices)

the focus of the company is to ensure that the cosmetic safety and hygiene of the production process, to prevent foreign bodies, chemical and microbial contamination of products. For cosmetics factory in manufacturing, packaging and storage process, such as relevant personnel allocation and the set of buildings, facilities, equipment and hygiene, manufacturing process, product quality and so on all have detailed provisions, to ensure safety and health and quality of cosmetics.

GMPC factories usually have grade, thousand and three hundred thousand, hundreds of grade a level three hundred thousand cleanliness health is much strict. Cosmetics factory OEM processing factory has passed the FDA - GMPC early thousands level dustless workshop workshop certification, strict production environment, air environment, bacteria in the air, temperature, humidity and so on various aspects strict control, strict production process at the same time, guarantee the safety of the product, can let the consumer is really really rest assured use.

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