Cosmetics industry in guangdong province industry summit a complete success, cosmetics factory factory birchbark series of herbal skin care products won acclaim

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Morning of November 17, from guangdong pharmaceutical university technology transfer and a big bay area of guangdong health industry demonstration center hosted 2019 summit and cosmetics industry production in guangdong province of guangdong pharmaceutical university graduates smooth convening meeting between supply and demand, cosmetics factory factory birchbark series of herbal skin care products won acclaim. Every year in guangdong province summit will be held in guangdong pharmaceutical university of industry, cosmetics industry, is the theme of the conference this year: & other; Win-win cooperation, innovation and development & throughout; , and discusses the future development direction and development trend of cosmetics. The following is the meeting point:

1. Current situation of the development of cosmetic industry in guangdong province
for nearly 30 years, especially the cosmetics industry in guangdong province has developed rapidly in our country, the cosmetics industry has huge development space. As of November 6, 2019, the holder of the province 2686 cosmetics production enterprises, accounts for about 55% of the total national production enterprises. In the face of such a booming, cosmetics companies the main task of the future is: cosmetics core technology promotion and quality optimization. Commissioner of drug administration of guangdong province cosmetics regulatory Guo Changmao also pointed out: the government cosmetics regulatory nature is tube security. Government regulation concept from to ensure safety, ensure the quality of absolute scientific into safety.

2. Cosmetics development thought with Chinese characteristics,
Chinese characteristics mainly include herbal skin care products and cosmetics for special groups of product effect.
1。 Beijing industry and commerce university professor yin-mao dong put forward a thinking of the development of the Chinese characteristic plant formula efficacy of raw materials. 2. China Daily chemical dean wan-xu wang put forward for the consumption demand of special group should pay attention, do the products need to do a big effect.

and cosmetics factory fine chemical co. , LTD. In the meeting for the Birch bark powder herbal skincare series 】 As for gifts, for cosmetics herbal skin care products development with Chinese characteristics into a boost, the presence of the cosmetics industry higher-ups in the trial were given high praise.

the Chinese herb - care Inheriting culture in one thousand, the product is the conference invited representative of guangdong pharmaceutical university institute of pharmaceutical chemical makeup of the science department qiu-xing he Dr Transformation of technical achievements' Birch bark powder herbal skincare series 】 Developed by the ancient potions, originally is the Indications 】 Lung wind poison, sores that all itch, and addiction itchy rash, scratch a sore; And put on the wind, and the woman acne.
【 Main function 】 Is acne removing anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, eliminate free radical, antioxidant. High purity of traditional Chinese medicine extract, the effect is very good, and good compatibility, mild stimulus not allergic.

3. Hot topic: technology innovation and standard international concerns as well as the cultivation of the professional curriculum system Settings and

1. Cosmetics, guangdong science and technology research association Liu Gangyong technology standards to mention the Chinese cosmetics cosmetics standard led the world.

2。 Under the new situation, cosmetics market demand, college discipline construction should be combined with the students' ability of independent innovation, cultivating innovative talents. Meanwhile, guangdong pharmaceutical university approved & other; Science and technology of cosmetics & throughout; ( Neo-confucianism) New major, approved by the Ministry of Education set up undergraduate professional, the professional setting is of great significance to optimize the structure of cosmetics professional and technical personnel.

at the end of the production, the summit, the organizers invited Chinese listed companies advocate health supplies co. , LTD. , a former senior r&d manager daily chemical engineer Zhang Taijun, jalam international vice President of research and manufacturing center, elegant pure Liu Shan cosmetics manufacturing co. , LTD. General manager, guangdong and ritz group chief engineer Deng Yanmin center r&d, development and application of fine chemical co. , LTD. , chairman of cosmetics factory Deng Jinsheng as well as of 2018, Beijing industry and commerce university Liao Lian British common to reassure graduates concerns. Guests all hair heart answered the student, the scene atmosphere is keen, the applause.

cosmetics factory directors take concrete actions to support education career

in cosmetics factory on cultivating innovative talents, fine chemical industry co. , LTD. , is physically, every year there are a few batch of guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetics cosmetics factory enterprise for professional teachers and students for learning, and cosmetics factory enterprise also is in guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base, cosmetics factory director professor Deng Jinsheng also often for many students to teach cosmetics professional knowledge.

guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetics factory professional teachers and students for internship

cosmetics factory has reached a strategic cooperation and guangdong pharmaceutical university, as a science and technology correspondent workstation's colleague, Dr Cosmetics factory factory research and development team, director of the institute and by the guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetics Dr Qiu-xing he composed of high-tech talent and guangdong pharmaceutical university.

cosmetics factory research and development team cosmetics factory advocate innovation, attaches great importance to the research and development of natural plant, not only from the product quality control, but also from the development of basic, production integration, cultivate the team of innovation, return to have the force of society, create competitive products for our customers!

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