Cosmetics generation processing, environmental new idea you act?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
In the year & other; The two sessions & throughout; The government work report, prime minister li keqiang, further strengthened the Chinese government & other; Play the blue sky battle & throughout; , attitude and measures to improve the ecological environment severely, one of the environmental protection is becoming a hot spot of the two sessions. In British research firm mintel market forecasting dominant six big trend in the beauty industry in 2017, the environmental pollution problems are impressively in the column.
in fact, some beauty makeup brand have seized on this signal, to play & other; Environmental protection & throughout; CARDS fans harvest. Besides some anti fog concepts, about environmental protection, what other things? Cosmetics factory under the specific analysis for you.


as one of the fashion consumer goods, cosmetics packaging is to face, and the commonly used non-renewable materials, will cause the material waste and environmental pollution. Nowadays, with the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, some cosmetics used on the packaging materials are used in the packaging of renewable or recycled raw materials.
recently, procter & gamble company announced it would produce a recyclable head & shoulders shampoo bottle, which adopted by volunteers, and the commonweal organization artificial collection of plastic on the beach, in the packaging materials of up to 25%.
Julie Chloe from Australia ( jurlique) , claims its product from the packaging cartons to the letters on the bottle of paint, use can be natural decomposition of the material.
14 Brazilian cosmetics market. 6% market share of Natura, its Aquarela make-up series selected sawdust as raw materials for the packaging, use less plastic, reduce the packaging waste pollution to the environment.
in the meantime, its ecological design method is used to develop self-reliance bag teardrop shape, with a flip lid seal, allegedly than the same volume of rigid plastic containers can save 70% of the plastic.


for direct contact with the skin cosmetics, people more and more requirements of its composition of natural pollution-free, on this basis, & other; Herbal & throughout; 、“ Organic & throughout; 、“ Natural & throughout; It has always been a hotspot concept industry in recent years.
local brands to the flange Lin card is the most typical. The rose bud water series, the series of aloe vera clear hydrating, seabuckthorn bright moisturizing series and so on, are all around the class of raw materials, natural skin care.
cosmetics factory co-packer crystal through snow velvet cream, with velvet, hyaluronic acid, trehalose, natural plant essence as the main raw material, etc. To the skin moisture. Filling water, make skin more bright and smooth.
the same botanical ingredients as the main appeal, and clarins and in heath. Among them, li heath is declared its main ingredients from a large number of organic plant, product safety, not only in the process of plant cultivation and avoid the pollution to the soil.

public welfare activities

in addition to the product itself, the cosmetics brand are also through fun and innovative activities, to deepen the concept of green environmental protection brand.
the source of Origins yue wood in April every year to organize various green activities on earth as the theme, such as in the vast gobi area planted hundreds of thousands of ShaJing tree against the sand, the empty bottle recycling activities, etc.
branch YanShi has also held & other; 4. 22 earth environmental protection bags & throughout; Activities, will be recycled bottles made environmental protection bags, each bag by YanShi only 9 recycled plastic bottles by green textile technology, in various counters to share with customers.
in January this year, the State Council general office issued by the producer responsibility 'system implementation plan' clearly put forward that the producer's resources and environment responsibility for their products will extend from production to ecological design, use of renewable raw materials, recycling, strengthen information disclosure, etc.

environmentally friendly materials, environmental protection packaging, product contamination resistance, beauty makeup industry has been on the road. However, environmental protection material research and development, production, need to invest more cost. Cosmetics factory co-packer also learned that some international mainstream brands do function test, they launched the anti-pollution products still have certain effect.
however, cosmetics factory co-packer think, environmental protection concept about cosmetics, environmental protection products for consumers in the most important thing is to improve the cognition and recognition, the market was guaranteed.

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