Cosmetics generation process: in the next five years is the golden opportunity of domestic cosmetics industry

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
As early as five years ago, sequoia China will judge the situation in the domestic cosmetics industry in change, wrote in an analysis & other; In the next five years is the golden opportunity of domestic cosmetics industry, is the integration of rapid enclosure stage, while the young people's consumption is more and more fashion, the local cosmetics brand will be flowers, emerging channels can let these new brand implementation corner overtaking, this will bring to market new change & throughout; 。
11 this point double this year, the Chinese beauty makeup show a strong combat effectiveness: perfect diary govinda Tmall makeup, the finches current clinch a deal the opening 10 minutes to break one hundred million yuan, west 1 hour break one hundred million yuan. In the volume of business & other; One hundred million yuan club & throughout; List, also including the natural hall, fu, winona, HomeFacialPro beauty makeup air. Tmall beauty makeup & other; Brands and shops selling top 10 list & throughout; , the international big proportion is 6:4 and beauty makeup air seats, including established the Chinese hundred birds gazelles and natural hall, medicine makeup brand winona, and perfect diary on the list for the first time.

the facts and data show that the domestic cosmetics industry is in rapid development, under the various electric business channels, relying on the grass and fans economy, local cosmetics to realize fast, this is in the past for more than ten years of ups and downs established cosmetics an unheard of. In addition, nearly two years consumption upgrades and subsidence trend to jolt cosmetics market, it is reported that over the past year, the parity of cosmetics on the market were superior to increase sales growth and customer performance in a second-tier cities. Local cosmetics, stood in the right place, right time, and on the node.
with the east wind, the local cosmetics brand are actively seeking the opportunity to fly, cross-border cooperation is one of the brand. Over the years, each big brand of cosmetics emerge in endlessly, cross-border cooperation is overwhelmed. But not all brands can succeed.
product at the push of social platform successful cases are based on the products & other; Red & throughout; The potential, there are a few common characteristics, one is in the product design is spread; 2 it is to have a relatively clear and outstanding features and selling point; The third is the price is reasonable, is the product ratio of compression.

5 minutes to booking from consumers this year sales top sales beauty makeup all day last year, the future consumer protect skin to taste appeal continues to grow, only grasp the good trend, the market is limitless. Lowers himself in big development at the same time, the Chinese also in constant progress, the product more and more get the favor of consumers. Cosmetics factory is also a main anti-aging products, including time frames, anti essence of fine lines and three minutes to go pouch, bright eye cream and hot products, is willing to cooperate with the masses of people with lofty ideals, to create high quality skincare brand.

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