【 Cosmetics factory 】 Your cosmetics preserved way correct?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-21
Love beautiful girls makeup every day, your cosmetics preserved way correct? No matter how you ever save your cosmetics, you may need to understand the professional cosmetics factory advice how to save the cosmetics, believe that will be for you to do nothing.

1. Cosmetics is afraid & other Thermal pollution & throughout;

toner in use process may be the secondary pollution caused by cotton piece not clean enough. Make up cotton after opening, must make the packing seal tightly. In addition, for cosmetics, hot & is also one of the other; Pollution & throughout; , I believe many people have had a similar experience: in the cosmetics counters trial when water is warm, the original is light roast hot. High temperature can make the make up water to accelerate the deterioration, is also a kind of & other; Pollution & throughout; Save to ventilated breathe freely, so make up water.

in addition, when going out a lot of people put cosmetics in the bag, outside the strong ultraviolet ray to make cosmetics such as oils and spices oxidizing phenomenon in segregation frost, pigment, making some ingredients lose vitality. Deformation even under the sunlight, packaging plastic bottles will melt, releasing chemicals, indirect pollution segregation frost, finally can result in a negative effect for your skin. Cosmetics factory advice when going out, therefore, it is important to note that the storage of cosmetics, avoid direct sunlight.

2, skin care products also need & other; Detox & throughout;

routine we are used to put the clean face product in the bathroom, shower frequency is high, the humidity of the bathroom. Want to know, too moist environment but cosmetics preserved faux pas. Humidity will accelerate contains protein, lipid, eye shadow bacteria breeding, metamorphic finally happened. Therefore, in order to let eye shadow with longer, cosmetic processing factory suggest the bathroom must open the window or the exhaust fan ventilation, every day to cosmetics & other; Detox & throughout; , but also pay attention to the caps tighten eye shadow, prevent bacteria invasion.
  3. Lipstick & other; Sweat & throughout; Don't worry about

the basic composition of the lipstick & ndash; — Wax, it is a kind of special and stable material, lipstick is in cosmetics the things I can the most stable, with good quality, even & other; Sweat & throughout; Still can be at ease use. When the weather is hot, open the lipstick, often see a thin layer water droplets, as if the lipstick in & other; Sweat & throughout; , encountered such a situation we don't have to worry about, this is normal phenomenon, is not a lipstick has gone bad. Generally the storage period of the lipstick as 5 years, so don't worry & other; Sweat & throughout; Is overdue.

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