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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Dry skin, everyone know to hydrate, oil know to accuse oil. But as we all know, dry skin and skin of the oil is what are the problems? Is cosmetics factory factory below small make up for all the information, you can check the condition of the skin understand what is going wrong, the skin is to determine to give skin complement nutrition.

skin will be divided into three layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Three layers and the total thickness of 1. 25 mm, each layer to maintain skin health plays an important role.

subcutaneous tissue: it is a layer of fat, can protect the cell of the upper, the effect of cushion, in order to prevent external impact.
leather: located in the central layers of the skin, contains collagen, a protein of human need, can make skin full of elasticity, and increase its flexibility and the ability to adapt. In addition, leather also contains tiny blood, nerves and hair follicle tissue, sweat glands and sebaceous glands.
epidermis: located at the top of the skin. The thickness of 0. 1 mm, the main function is to update the cells and the role of cell metabolism.

cuticle skin growth is a long process. And derivative in the skin of newborn cells gradually to rise, gradually lost moisture, and become flat. The flat of the thickness of epidermis cells is accumulated to about 20 layers, can form the so-called corneous layer. The thin red surface is very important to the body oh! Can prevent the skin moisture loss and avoid damage from environmental factors, more protection inside the cells and organs. And the secretion of the surface of the grease and juices are gathering, formed a natural layer of protective film. Usually, we just do for this skin added moisture, nutrients and other nursing care and maintenance work.

skin metabolism
will keep peeling on the surface of the skin cells, and was replaced by new cells. The time required to skin metabolism varies with age. Younger skin need about two to three weeks, just mature skin as much as the time required for about 2 times as much. The longer the metabolism, the more easy to lose moisture. At ordinary times, therefore, everybody do lipstick, washed with cosmetics factory 3 d rose cleansing foam, chamfer, etc, and eating fruits and vegetables, is to help us to speed up the metabolism of the body.

just like skin epidermis layer of subcutaneous tissue, a total of five layers, is the site of the most closely relationship with cosmetics; Have the effect of the metabolism and the function of protection;

cuticle: contains 20 to 30 layer of flat, death of cells. Cells in the interstitial tissue linked together, form a barrier;
: transparent layer exists in the palm of your hand and foot;
granular layer: cell, there are countless particles can reflect light;
has stratum spinosum: a thick skin most layer, lymph flow cells and between cells and epidermal cells of nutrient supply;
base layer: cylindrical basal cells and dendritic, pigment cells.

skin accessory organs of the
the sebaceous glands, sebaceous glands on the attached to the hair, can secrete substances and leather fat, fat sebum on the formation of protective film on the surface of the skin, plays an important role! And how much the amount of sebum secretion decided to skin muscle mass.

sweat glands: divided into Ike drenching sweat glands ( Eccrine gland) With a wave o g sweat glands ( Large sweat gland) Secretion of sweat. Eccrine gland almost a day can secrete sweat about 900 cc, of which 99% is water, no peculiar smell; Large sweat gland secretion from the pores, with a special kind of peculiar smell.
sebum membrane: it is made of sebum and sweat and the evaporation of moisture in the skin acid membrane, which is formed by the half water half oil exists in the skin surface, can protect the skin from external environment. Cosmetics factory remind everyone here, don't wash your face too much, don't use soap wash a face.

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