【 Cosmetics factory 】 Why the phenomenon of frequent mergers and acquisitions beauty makeup industry?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Cosmetics factory factory is at the end of September, unilever announced price is 22. 700 million euros for Han Guoke berth and cosmetics group, this is the second acquisition in the field of cosmetics in June. No particular, American beauty makeup group, elegant shi landai EsteeLauder also to 14. The price of $500 million this year on buying American cosmetics brand TooFaced business, & hellip; … In addition to the international market, the domestic beauty industry mergers and acquisitions are also for germination. In July and August, long force has successively with adidas and silk tower such as brand cooperation, expand the domestic skincare market. So why today's frequent m&a phenomenon?

cosmetics factory factory think that with the rise of young consumer groups and the overall consumption trend personalized change is necessary, Volkswagen brand to develop the market but do not have advantage in professional technology and business strategy, niche brand popular m&a is advantageous to the complementary advantages, the public brand is helpful to combine niche brand technology advantage to expand market share, promote sales growth. Niche brand can improve visibility vw brand as the backer, arguably the niche brand mergers and acquisitions or in the field of a valuable brand giant brand younger and an important way to develop the market.

in addition, cosmetics factory processing plant, compared with other industries, the beauty industry is highly fragmented. With l 'oreal, estee lauder, coty, shiseido and beiersdorf this global top five cosmetics company as an example, which is about 30 beauty makeup companies carved up the market share of 63%. Less than 40% of the remaining beauty makeup products market share is carved up eating into a large number of small and medium-sized brand, visible, more frequent m&a behavior is a new round of reshuffle of the industry.

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