Cosmetics factory what should be the basic certificate?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
For a merchant and cosmetics OEM cooperation, see cosmetics factory in the cosmetics industry to obtain the certificate of whether has become an important factor in cooperation with the factory, relative to the fledgling businesses, however, believe that there are many don't understand of cosmetic certificate is, below the cosmetics factory processing plants and introduced one by one to you.

production license:
as a cosmetics factory, the production license of course is one of the most important. This is a country to have a product production conditions and can guarantee the quality of products, enterprises granted permission to produce the product certificates in accordance with the law. According to 'about cosmetics production license of announcement of relevant matters of ( Administration of state food and drug supervision and management of the announcement no. 265, 2015) The relevant requirements. Since January 1, 2017, enabling the cosmetics production license. Cosmetics production enterprise held by the 'national industrial products production license and cosmetics production enterprise health license invalid automatically. Since then has not obtained a licence for cosmetics production of cosmetics production enterprises, shall not be engaged in cosmetics production. But hold the 'national industrial products production license and cosmetics production enterprise health license cosmetics production enterprise, its products of December 31, 2016 sales until the end of the period of validity.

GMPC certification ( Cosmetic good manufacturing practices)
called the GMPC cosmetic good manufacturing practices, the first is the U. S. congress to regulate pharmaceutical production and promulgated in 1963. This is the first GMP in the world. Due to GMP pharmaceutical producing in specification, improve the quality of drugs, guarantee the safety of the drug effect is very obvious, the FDA ( The us food and drug administration) In 1980, enacted food GMP to regulate food production.

ISO22716:2007( Cosmetic good manufacturing practices)
the international organization for standardization ( ISO) Released in November 2007 set for & quot; Cosmetics industry & quot; The quality management system standard, namely ISO22716:2007 cosmetic good manufacturing practices. Anyway, ISO22716 is according to the characteristics of the makeup of the manufacturer's workshop equipment, personnel and factory management and control, hardware and software two aspects to the specific requirements.

ISO9001 ( International quality management system standard)
is ISO9000 international quality management system standard, is the world all the quality management system of international standards of the industry, any industry enterprise should be to quality management as the bottom line.

cosmetics factory factory collection of cosmetics research and development, production, sales and service in a body's large-scale cosmetics company, has already made the latest cosmetics production license, CMPC authentication certificate, and ISO22716:2007 international quality standard system certification, strict implementation of ISO9001 management system, has obtained the vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine, reverse osmosis water treatment device, such as patent certificate, and combining with guangdong pharmaceutical university cosmetic research center, guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base is constructed. All authority certification, product quality for you.

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