【 Cosmetics factory 】 What factors affect the price of cosmetics processing?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Like the mall, everyone will pay attention to the prices of goods, cosmetics processing price is every customer concerns, yet each cosmetics factory factory is difficult to answer accurately. Because each customer's product positioning is different, the corresponding price is different also. Although cosmetics factory processing plants can't tell you the correct price, but can tell you what are the factors affect the price? Follow the below small make up together and see it!

the influence factors of customer cosmetics brand market positioning:

every customer product positioning is different, the price is different also, general cosmetic processing factory is according to the requirements of customers to customize products, or appropriate mature product formula is recommended. Cosmetics processing first need to have a product into the budget, give a market positioning, positioning is high-end, midrange, or low, the price from high to low is self-evident, then according to your location choice materials, packaging materials, packaging design. Cosmetics processing is no clear pricing is actually how many money, it is a variable, if the user group is a professional beauty salon line, just need better quality, if is take the electricity, wechat business channels, such as cosmetic line, in order to save the cost, can choose the contents with relatively low prices.

when choose good positioning, affect the price is the processed material.

the influence factors of cosmetics processing material prices: in materials, packaging materials, packaging, minimum quantity and other fees.

1. Material: can according to their location, demand pull, or recommend mature formula, the highest cost performance.

  2. Packaging: this price change is very big also, according to the selection of material and process, the corresponding price is different also. First selected you need packaging, root package material, more communicate, exchange a few times more, basic to know the prices.

3. Packaging: color box, boxes and other packaging, according to their own design and process, can be called the corresponding manufacturer offer, but must need to have the corresponding quality.

4, minimum quantity, minimum quantity, the more you is, the less the processing cost. Each customer want the cheapest price, of course, do the best product, but it is also need you to determine good in material, packaging material, minimum quantity, then talk to the manufacturer. Many cosmetics processing factories, shop around, see what is best for themselves, rather than blindly to find low price products. Price is not the lowest, only lower. We are not only focus on the price of the product should be more focus on the strength of the product manufacturer, to the quality of the product.

5、. The rest of the fees: factory processing, the processing fees payable item, boxes of processing fee and registration fee.

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