Cosmetics factory - — What are the channels for cosmetics factory?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Cosmetics is known as the sunrise industry, as to understand the meaning of this sentence is a sustainable development of the industry, and the development potential is huge. So as a sunrise industry, want to do this for the one who is very much. Want to do is an idea, is an action. So how to make ideas into action? Looking for the cosmetics factory in ideas into action before channels have? Here small make up a rule of thumb to tidy it up.

1, the keyword search in all major browsers

basic cosmetics processing manufacturers have set up their own web site, web site is to promote, so factory is how to promote? Of course is the keyword bidding, the industry's hot words and related words, such as, you play in the browser & other; Cosmetics factory & throughout; ” Cosmetics factory & quot; These words and so on, the browser will be according to your search term, push each big factory information to you, you find on web pages, according to need to know.

2, purchasing wholesale in 1688 to find the

1688 search mode and browser search is about the same, also need to enter a keyword search, the products are basically cosmetics processing factory. You can purchase, can also be detailed processing matters. By the way a little skill, you can look for the power merchants to understand that businesses have certain scale, strength is the industry source factory, brand holds the most outstanding in the business and brand agents, and security services can provide buyers with the three major characteristics. This type of business is guaranteed, all have their own processing plant.

3, WeChat articles or public number lookup

WeChat merchants have opened WeChat public, the public need tweets continue to heat, you only need to find the public, and articles can see the manufacturer's information. The next thing, your own choice!

4, beauty expo

beauty expo is international hairdressing cosmetic products import and export fair short for the expo, the expo famous brand, the elite, is an ideal platform to the personage inside course of study to implement one-stop sourcing plans. In addition, during the exhibition a series of both academic and commercial activity and high-end BBS, beauty, hairdressing, spa, packaging, and other topics, invited experts, industry elite, and participating in the industry to share the latest science and technology, market and trend information. You can go to the fair looking for suitable for their own factory. Recent beauty expo is about to start, time is 2017/3/9 - - - 2017/3/11.

is small make up summary above 4 points, can with the development of Internet, the channel may be more.

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