Cosmetics factory to teach you how to distinguish silk lipstick?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
Cosmetics factory fine chemical co. , LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales in the integration of cosmetics factory, can provide wholesale, retail, agents and OEM/ODM processing one-stop service. Our products have all kinds of lipstick, essential oil, emulsion, essence, shampoo, shower gel, etc. Professional research and development of silk lipstick for more than 20 years, today's production equipment and management system, to ensure that the lipstick of processed products quality and safety, has been successfully received compliments from many customers. Ok, get to the point, here small make up is going to tell you how to distinguish silk lipstick?

the real silk lipstick not stretching resistance, and easy to break. More on market is not a real silk, silk lipstick of lipstick, silk process that will have a certain stretchability. So, the silk lipstick on market is divided into: & other; Real silk lipstick & throughout; And & other Silk craft lipstick & throughout; Two, all merchants called silk lipstick.

the characteristics of silk lipstick

1, strong adsorption

silk lipstick adsorption is much better than ordinary non-woven paper lipstick, can absorb more of the essence, apply face also very break, won't fall down there will be no essence droplets fall state.

2, quality of a material is frivolous

silk lipstick USES is the most gentle the most exquisite silk, can fit closely the texture of skin, so apply face when pressed degree is high, and very thin, transparent, breathable, fill the nose, the mouth can close, lock water lasting, filling water depth.

3, hydrating repair

silk lipstick can accelerate the skin's own repair function, if be sunburnt skin in the vulnerable state, can by the exquisite silk fiber joint to repair damaged skin quickly. Can also promote the secretion of collagen, powerful whitening, UV resistant, anti inflammation, blain blister.

cosmetics factory processing plants have a powerful r&d team ( Guangdong pharmaceutical university professors and r&d team) And through strict training of skilled production workers, and a large number of marketing elite, to provide you with services to save time, effort and worry. Reliable product quality and excellent user experience, well received by customers at home and abroad old and new cosmetic processing.

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inside and outside and repair products and OEM generation of processing customers' trust by henan silk lipstick

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all the way to find silk lipstick OEM generation of processing factory, cosmetics factory is

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the health care industry and cosmetics industry, cosmetics factory OEM generation of processing silk lipstick preferential chengdu customer

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cosmetics factory OEM contract home most silk lipstick, dongguan customer all know

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