Cosmetics factory to action: how to identify the cosmetics OEM sample quality is good or bad?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Nowadays, with the merchants of cosmetics OEM production enterprise cooperation, in order to ensure the efficacy and stability of the product will require samples to play board, and shop around, at the same time looking for model of several manufacturers, in the approved sample quality and the confirmation of order after deliberation. So the question comes, cooperation businesses how to distinguish the sample quality? Don't worry, cosmetics factory processing plants for your action.

1, component identification
in the model of manufacturer, provide ingredients, can let its composition is one of the most important conditions to determine if a product quality, and the composition of the need when retailers selling refined one of selling point, so let the manufacturer to provide sample composition this is very important.

2, tactility and absorption degrees tactility and absorbance is the most direct way of judging a product is good or bad, because when selling to consumers, they also can only rely on texture of non-professional and absorbance feelings of product quality. The more feel exquisite and the faster absorption of the product, the better the quality.

3, silver ornaments test
arbutin, soybean extract, vitamin C, vitamin B3 is white, the main components of the spot product the most commonly used, these components to be both safe and can achieve the whitening effects, while improve the skin will be slow. But most of those propaganda can whiten spot products contain lead, mercury compounds, if the long-term use of these products, is likely to cause bad effect to the body. So it is best to use when testing these products silver products, take a small amount of skin care products, with a few minutes in the white paper on the strokes, if there is a clear film traces, the product will be carefully selected.

the person's skin PH test paper test method in weak acid, so only a weak acid skin care products can effectively protect the skin. When buying skincare, apply a small amount of product on the PH paper, first, a few minutes later than paper color card, if the product is alkaline, is not suitable for use.

5, cream products fire test
will be a small amount of cream products in the spoon, then heated, if boil cream into milk, behind and fragrant flavour is full-bodied, explain this product is safe. If after heating phenomenon of spitting, smoking, and taste is residue bulbs, ladle bottom, shows the mineral oil paint or fill products are boride, may cause harm to the skin after use.

6, the test of water emulsion method
pour a small amount of the emulsion into the water. If the emulsion floating on the surface of the water, said if the emulsion floating in the water, then it contains oilstone ester. Oilstone ester can cause dry skin, pore jams. If the emulsion glue on the cup, said the main composition of skin care products is mineral oil, as long as within the prescribed scope, will not affect to the skin, but don't breathe freely form a protective layer of the skin layer. If the emulsion sink to the bottom of the cup, said the main composition of skin care products is heavy metals, long-term use can cause considerable damage to the skin. If the emulsion and the mixture of water, it is safe to protect skin to taste, to melt in the water, of course will not cause harm to the skin. Gently shaking the container, if the liquid into a milky white, means that the emulsion containing emulsifier, could damage the skin organization structure, cause skin irritation.

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