【 Cosmetics factory 】 The new cosmetics production license renewal is completed, register for the record and what are the changes?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-23
Cosmetics factory processing plants that following the new cosmetics production license renewal work has been basically completed, the food and drug safety administration in order to ensure the replacement after cosmetics production enterprise in accordance with product registration for the record information of cohesion, of the regulations on registration for the record to adjust the relevant matters cosmetics, presently for public opinion, specific content is as follows:

a, has been approved by the domestic special use cosmetics, actual production sites did not change, after the renewal of the cosmetics production license number and held in 'cosmetics health administrative licensing entity number information is not consistent, applicants do not need this item separately apply for change, should be the continuation of the validity of the approval documents to apply for or other change of licensing items shall apply for change.

2, to deal with the matters and domestic cosmetics registration for the record, the company name and address bar fill in according to the requirements of the following:

belongs to independent production, enterprise name and fill in the address bar included the cosmetics production license & other; Name & throughout; And & other; Home & throughout; Information, & other; Home & throughout; With & other; Throughout the production address &; Inconsistent, in the note column should fill in the actual production of the specific site address information.

belong to entrust the production, the business license of the enterprise name and the address bar to fill in the applicant name and address of the corresponding information. Actual production enterprise name and the address information to fill in the cosmetics production license of & other stated in the Name & throughout; And & other; Throughout the production address &; Information, involving multiple production address, fill in the actual production site address information.

3, cosmetics production sites did not change, because the typography formatting rules adjustment, the new company name in the cosmetics production license issued with the original in the cosmetics health permit company name not consistent, shall be submitted at the same time while the domestic cosmetics registration is ShengJu issue a certificate of place of the actual production has not changed.

4, has been put on record of domestic cosmetics for special non due to issue a new cosmetics production license lead to changes in the record information, enterprise should be within 6 months from the date of this announcement login domestic cosmetics for special filing system, take the initiative to change related information; Did not deal with the overdue, the system will automatically cancelled product related record information.

cosmetics factory factory know that the social from all walks of life and the relevant people can be in before October 21, 2017, by fax at 010 - will modify opinions 88330729 or send amendments electronic to electronic mailbox HZPC @ cfda. gov. cn。

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