Cosmetics factory tell you why lipstick '3 without' start effect is good?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-19
As is known to all, 3 without the lipstick is refers to the shortage of Chinese name, Chinese address, telephone number, license, symbol of commodity, production date, Chinese commodity specification information such as the lipstick of goods. But do you know why these & other; 3 without the lipstick & throughout; When start to use effect is good? See below run river's lake 20 years of cosmetics factory processing plants.

1. Opium is a rich source of skin: glucocorticoid

the sugar cortical hormone into the earliest exposure out & other Poison throughout product &; , this is a super strong anti-inflammatory, anti itch and shorten the clinical medication of capillary. Had some primary cure skin disease drugs are it, increase the hormone lipstick in large doses, white is white face in the short term, the wetting is, all the sensitive question seemed to be solved, but it suffers from skin & other; Drug addiction & throughout; 。

  2. Hydrating wonders? Watermelon can do it

the lipstick with a less known and inferior brand ready, to use the present popular water on the test apparatus, skin moisture ChengChengCheng to rise, than the best stock market is fierce. Originally it is to measure the moisture your skin appearance, what are you doing with tofu may be looking for a piece of watermelon, can reach similar test results. In other words, you take mineral water apply face, also can have a similar effect.

as a cosmetics factory operator cosmetics factory to tell you, our country cosmetics factory is very disorder, produce all kinds of defect products, fake commodities, particularly those brand lipstick as goods across the ground, so when we purchase the skin care products, cosmetics such as lipstick, to standardize the entity shop or regular online mall procurement, procurement at the same time pay attention to check some information on the package is complete.

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