Cosmetics factory technical advantage?

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-20
Cosmetics customers in choosing cosmetics factory processing factory, the most concerned about is to ask, your enterprise technical advantage? What the origin of chief engineer of the company? To have your own formula, have independent research and development team, and so on. Below small make up their own businesses, for example, to introduce you to our cosmetics factory factory technical advantage.

unlike some cosmetics cosmetics factory processing plants, although they have laboratories, but there is no independent research and development team, does not have its own research and development personnel, even they have engineers, can only be limited to the track for production. There will not be innovation, research and development of new formula. Our cosmetics factory has distinctive advantage in research and development of cosmetics formula, and guangdong pharmaceutical university research center, combining the cosmetics, set up the guangdong pharmaceutical university professors and research and development team, with guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base.

company director Mr Deng is the guangdong pharmaceutical university professor of research and development and application of cosmetics, is the company's formula research and development, chief engineer, is China's mobile Internet wechat business operations and promotion of the godfather, has 20 years of experience in professional formula research and development and production practice. Company general manager deng formula designer, aromatic therapy is banker and plant extraction experts. The two bosses also won a true & other; Empty homogeneous emulsification machine & throughout; “ Reverse osmosis water treatment device & throughout; Such as a number of patent certificate. More valuable is he to cosmetic processing with the pursuit of perfect mentality and the love for the job, make a lot of cosmetics processing customer for he come, therefore, become the best partner!

the real r&d engineer can is according to the market demand, the use of cosmetics safety standard daily chemical raw materials, the cosmetics formula development and organize the trial production, testing its action mechanism and effect of the researchers. The cosmetics factory and our engineers have the ability to do this.

now some cosmetics factory in pursuit of product efficacy, joined the harmful chemical additive, in a short period of time, the skin to achieve good results, but just the opposite, not only bad for the skin, the skin damage has been far beyond expected, cosmetics safety accidents so far. Cosmetics factory research and development team is always dedicated to the research and development for the Chinese women's health skin, adhering to the pure plant, no added, with & other Healthy skin, green beauty & throughout; Pure natural cosmetics for ideas.

cosmetics factory processing technology advantage allows you to get better quality with same price formula, and can be combined with market demand, develop the corresponding formula. In order to give you customized cosmetics can become hot style of the market, making your products sell well.

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