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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-16
Yu yi mei DIY soluble tear type lipstick

special process directly hydrolyzed
is the use of traditional tear lipstick lipstick and skin contact and bonding in full, so the lipstick was tearing away from the skin, usually rely on its adsorption capacity on the skin can be black, aged cutin and grease all falls off. Enjoying the tearing of pleasure at the same time, the use of this lipstick can bring certain harm to the skin, such as the inappropriate use of words is easy to cause the skin flabby, pore bulky, and some problem of skin allergy.

jade diet beauty cosmetics factory production of DIY soluble tear lipstick with special technology processing, let lipstick into essence, through the wet water, dissolved in the surface of the skin, glittering and translucent connect fully, adsorption and penetration of excellence, essence, straight and submit it to the bottom, repair the skin from the source.

mild ingredients work safety
jade diet beauty cosmetics factory processing factory production of DIY soluble tear type lipstick was mostly deep sea collagen and hyaluronic acid, high energy composition of collagen extracted from deep-sea creatures, hydrating moist effect is outstanding, help skin cells to restore full rich, make skin appear luster elasticity. The use of hyaluronic acid can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, eye bags, strengthen the self-repairing ability of skin, help skin resume smooth and young state. Natural formula, the pursuit of no hormones, antibiotics, alcohol, pigment, spice, silver brightener, mineral oil, heavy metal and preservative, etc. Sensitivity skin apply oh ~

effective repair fragile skin
1. Shrink pores
for our sister shrink pores, smooth delicate, skin smooth like silk shiny
2. Reduce wrinkles
moist skin, smooth fine lines, apply the photon tender skin
3. Reduce puffiness
the eye week part, reduce puffiness, bright luster
4. Tight
help tighten the flabby skin, thin face firming tyra, create exquisite and elastic skin
5. Filling water to moisten in-depth penetration,
provide moisture and nutrition to skin, make skin water tender luster

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