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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-28
Washing a face, really is the skin side big subject, blackhead acne, dark heavy, sensitive face, though is likely to be related to facial cleanness does not reach the designated position. Wash a face in the wrong way and using excitant washing a face cleanser, facial prone to bloodshot and oil seriously, even will result in clogged pores, long black head, such as blasting blain, subsequent coating to absorb other skin care products.
today and share it with my own eye shadow, an amino acid is produced by guangdong cosmetics factory independent research and development, it is brown sugar chamfer simple eye shadow.

I recommend choose brown sugar chamfer simple eye shadow to speak of from the composition of it:
( 1) Water amino acids: only amino acid formula, can clean and mild balance, help skin lasting hold water, for you can see the water of the skin.
( 2) Amd m bubble: amd m foam cleaning at the same time protect the skin, clean, wash your skin is not tight, significantly reduce oily, acne, blain blain.
( 3) Sericin protein: sericin protein has the maintenance of collagen and elastic fiber, effectively improve skin tight, dry, witness the primary tender skin.
( 4) Hairdressing fluid ingredients: rich in brown sugar ingredient, effectively remove aged cutin, injected a steady stream of vitality to the skin.
the minimalist design of black and white and dichromatic, without excessive packaging products, simple and easy. Before using water content of 29%, water content of 53 after use. 6%, strong ability of lock water, 15 days of continuous use facial cleanser, nose and cheeks grow significantly less, dirty wash out, even fine convergence pores, truly achieve good water embellish skin.

in order to get excellent sense of using cosmetics factory research and development team to constantly improve the formula, the brown sugar peels much bubble eye shadow and high hydrophilicity, rinse easily after clean the face, not easy to remain.

if you want more clean force, also can match with sparkling net, cleansing instrument and so on use, absolute washed clean.
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