Cosmetics factory processing - — Teach you how to distinguish the real bubble cleansing amino acids

by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-15
Cosmetics market recently, there was a popular new words, bubble cleansing amino acids.
what is the amino acid bubble cleansing? Cosmetics factory lipstick co-packer will answer for you, that's not to say that cleansing milk added amino acids, amino acids is called can do facial cleaning, bubbles, and is the addition of essential amino acid surfactant, Can foam) To bubble cleansing called amino acids.
second, not all add the foam cleanser, amino acid surfactant industry bubble cleansing is called amino acids, amino acids bubble cleansing formula on different technologies, and hierarchical, just like ordinary cleansing, add a tiny bit, amino acid surfactant, of course, also can't bubble cleansing called amino acids.

the following we will discuss these two problems separately

one, not containing amino acid cleanser, cleansing bubble is called amino acids
here cosmetics factory lipstick co-packer to enumerate common amino acid composition of
arginine, glutamic acid, glycine, threonine, cysteine and cystine and histidine, valine, leucine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, tryptophan and tyrosine, alanine, isoleucine, and collagen amino acid and so on to explain that these are amino acids, though not foaming agent, but he is a very good moisturizing ingredients. But anyway, no matter how much added, also cannot be called the true sense of amino acid cleansing cream or shampoo amino acids.

2, not all the bubble cleansing added amino acid surfactant, amino acids is called a bubble cleansing
amino acids from the traditional definition of bubble cleansing, at least, is the added amino acid surfactant, amino acid cleanser of the foaming agent, bubble cleansing is minimally called amino acids, why call it a minimum? Because in the cosmetics technology circles, bubble cleansing and stricter definition of amino acids. The most strict definition is a crystalline amino acid cleanser, a little bit relaxed requirements, that also is a thickening type of essential amino acid bubble cleansing, but no matter how thickening, are based on the amino acid cleanser surfactant as the main foaming agent, foaming agent instead of picking a little amino acid can be said as the ornament of the amino acid cleanser. As soap base + amino acid cleanser, it also embarrassed, amino acid cleanser.

so, to determine whether bubble cleansing is amino acids, it needs to, according to the industry as a table is in the first several amino acids surfactants ( Foaming agent) 。

then become the minimum amino acid cleanser, and what are the amino acid surfactant? Here are some typical amino acids surfactants ( Foaming agent) Cosmetics factory, here is divided into three categories: the main amino acid table live:
1. Amino acid surfactant from glutamic acid
that you will see XXX acyl glutamic acid x ( Salt) This kind of writing, common are: s coconut oil acyl glutamic acid TEA s coconut oil acyl glutamic acid sodium salt s coconut oil s acyl glutamic acid sodium lauroyl glutamate sodium s s nutmeg acyl glutamic acid sodium lauroyl glutamate sodium s acyl glutamic acid sodium stearoyl glutamate s palm oil

2. From glycine or alanine ammonia acerbity surfactant is
you will see XXX acyl f/alanine x ( Salt) 。 Common are: s N - Coconut oil acid glycine k s coconut oil acyl glycine k s coconut oil acyl sodium glycine s coconut oleoyl alanine TEA salt

s from arginine surfactant coconut oil acyl ethyl arginine salt s coconut oleic acid arginine salt in addition, and from sarcosine is commonly used, such as lauroyl sarcosine sodium is also commonly used amino acid foaming agent.
these common characteristics of foaming agent is the chain of fat, amino acids such as you see the ingredients in the front of the part is & other; Coconut oil acyl & throughout; ,“ Nutmeg acid & throughout; Chains are fat, followed by X amino acid composition, end plus & throughout; Xx salt & other; ,” Sodium & other; ,” Potassium & other; , it is commonly amino acid surfactant.

so, at least these amino acids frother in cleansing milk, in shampoo, can be called amino acid cleanser and amino acid shampoo!

in the end, how to determine whether the minimum amino acid cleanser, whether in to view the product contains amino acid surfactant, and whether these amino acid surfactant in composition table top as the main foaming agent. With moisturizing effect is rather than just simply add a little bit of amino acids ( The composition of protein) Component is called amino acid cleanser or amino acid shampoo.

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