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by:Beauty Spirit     2020-09-17
Recent major electricity hit in succession, entity shops & other; The goddess of section & throughout; “ The butterfly section & throughout; To attract and cultivate a generation women use & other; Consumption & throughout; To their own identity and reward. The 18 - 50 young and middle-aged women at this age, with strong consumption motivation and consumption strength honored to become the & other; Consumption throughout day &; The target population. In the cosmetics, clothing, entertainment, the three women in the consumer market, and to the most dramatic growth of cosmetic consumption during the holiday season. A change to our country traditional & other; Women & throughout; Hard work and plain living without cognitive, today's women pay more attention to their own & other; Appearance level & throughout; Cosmetics and more needed to add luster to their lives.

this year 3 is still in full swing. 8 cosmetics on the market, what phenomenon, is worth our further attention, cosmetics factory processing plants have the following findings:

natural cosmetics, organic skin care ChengXinChong
thanks to the development of the media, consumers have more channels to understand the frontier skin care knowledge, to enhance their brand and product real user experience. In such an environment, the choice of consumer gradually tend to be more rational, more consumers realize that too many synthetic chemicals in cosmetics are harmful. Formula of natural plant raw material, organic quality has become more and more emphasis on the selection of skin care quality and the quality of life of women. Cosmetics factory is a pure natural plant extraction, adhering to the pure plant, no added, with & other Healthy skin, green beauty & throughout; For the idea of cosmetics factory.

“ Organic skin care products & throughout; Does not see more on the market in our country, cosmetics factory processing factory is one of them, people are willing to choose at present although small, but it is more safe & other Organic skin care products & throughout; 。
it is understood that in 2016 - In 2020, organic personal care and cosmetics market with an average of 10 years. 2% of the astonishing speed growth, only a Chinese market will reach 20. 6 billion yuan in 2020 ( $3 billion) The size of the market. Among them, on behalf of the brand has: 100% Pure ( American famous organic cosmetics brand, has been committed to the natural organic cosmetics, skin care products, personal care products research and development and production, and in 2106 entered the China market.

the European and American brand trust, Korean makeup anymore
once upon a time, Korean culture, south Korean cosmetics with low price and high quality fresh brand image captured many Chinese women. Recently, however, the quality problem of the successive a few times, let the consumers no longer to it & other; Love is not up & throughout; 。 In contrast, European and American brands, most consumers think: European and American brands has stronger research and development of technical strength, brand selling for many years at the same time, formula more trustworthy. Referring to former & other Korean makeup heat & throughout; , but also with respondents pointed out: select Korea makeup because prices are low or follow suit, conditional will choose Europe and the United States or domestic brands.

to protect skin to taste heavy, function segment do not weigh appearance
the makeup of prevalence in the last year, this year, more and more female consumers tend to use more professional skin care let oneself have a & other; Good foundation & throughout; 。 “ The essence of water & throughout; “ Eye cream & throughout; “ The neck cream & throughout; Progressive 'segment, the function of the skin care products and the corresponding is that women when choosing cosmetics also become more purposeful and more professional. Cosmetics factory factory ice cream essence cream deep hydrating ability is very good.

female consumers is often considered as both & other; Conformity & throughout; Again & other; Reality & throughout; A group of people, but the seemingly contradictory sentence says the women in the consumer willing to try, dare to love dare to hate. They are willing to try fashionable products, is willing to pay for all the sales staff praise, also willing to give their irrational & other; To pay tuition & throughout; , but after the ebb tide, and eventually they stay, really use, applauded the remains of the genuine materials, safe and efficient & other Conscience products & throughout; 。

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